What My Husband & I Did When We Did Not Have A Child Of Our Own After 15 Years Of Marriage

In this post, I am about to share the exact steps I and my husband took that moved us from over 20 years of Childlessness in Marriage to giving birth to triplets at once.


Recently I have been getting a whole lot of questions from couples who are believing in God for the fruit of the womb…..


Knowing that my husband and I were once childless for over 20 years and suddenly we now have triplets at once.


They all want to know what exactly we did to achieve that result and I am very happy to share.


It all started when we got married in the year 1990’s.


When we got married, we were all happy, expecting babies in the next 9 months. We were so young and vibrant and the wedding back then was the talk of the town.


My mother was so happy that her last daughter was getting married and was expecting children from us as a couple  but years went by, yet no children.


 5 years, 7 years, 10 years. No single child.


In the year 2014 ,my mother died without seeing her last daughter give birth to a grandchild.


I was sorrowful because my mother had  been very hopeful.

I can remember standing by the coffin of mama and burst into tears. Mama had been expecting a grandchild, praying every year but we disappointed her even though it was not our fault.


As a couple we cried so heavily that day, on seeing mama being laid to rest, I vowed that I would do everything in my power to give birth to children that would make mama smile in heaven.


This was how my journey started. I took it upon myself to search and research for a solution no matter how far it took me.


It was not easy but I was determined.


This led me to trying a whole lot of treatment and therapies that never worked. I was always doing 30 days of fasting and prayers, asking God for one thing.


To bless my husband and I with the fruit of the womb.


This was how time was going, money was being spent but yet no solution.


Until one day while I was scrolling through facebook and saw an advertisement for a product called “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide”  for couples.


At first I thought it was one of those treatments that flooded the online marketplace and I wanted to scroll past but something just said I should click and at least find out what they were saying.


When I visited the website I was amazed.


I began to read about couples who had come of age giving birth to their first child while they were in their 50s and even 60s.


It sounded so good to be true. I had only heard such testimonials as the work of God or like a rare miracle but seeing that most of these couples had confessed to using this Pregnancy Miracle: Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide, I became highly interested.


I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt by just going for it.


I poured out my heart to God in prayers of how I have been struggling to conceive for so many years yet nothing. I told God about the doctor’s diagnostics and all. According to the doctors I had a case of ovulation disorder, fibroid, endometriosis and a blocked fallopian tube.


The negative verdicts I had received from doctors had made me begin to feel like I would never have children of my own but I decided to have faith and just believe that God who had promised me that I would have a child of my own, is too faithful to fail me.


My husband had a case of low quality and quantity of sperm.

I told God to show me the right treatment that will bring about my breakthrough and something deep in my heart said I should go for this.


On reading the numerous reviews  and seeing how honest and passionate they were, I decided that I would go for this electronic e-book called “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide”  for couples.

 “Pregnancy Miracle Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide”, a revolutionary ebook filled with secret but potent smoothie recipes that have helped over 200 couples conceive and give birth to healthy babies, including boys, girls, twins, triplets, and even sextuplets. All natural, no yeye chemicals.


These smoothies are not only delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrients and ingredients that have been shown to improve fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Also, this guide helped understand the root cause of my problem in a way that doctors had never explained to me. Before now, doctors just gave the verdict and I would go home feeling helpless and crying because I never understood the issue nor did I know exactly what to do to tackle it.


But with this  “Pregnancy Miracle Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” I knew exactly what to do everyday that would bring me closer to my dreams of having a child of my own.

Once I understood my exact infertility complications, I became very clear about the exact lifestyle mistakes I was making that only made everything worse.


Once I knew this, I corrected myself and my reproductive health began to get better.

But that’s not all. This guide also included a list of foods to avoid when trying to treat common fertility complications and trying to conceive.


 By eliminating these fertility-damaging foods from your diet and incorporating these secret but highly potent smoothie recipes into your daily routine, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term.

One thing Dr.Farizah Parikh , a certified fertility expert and author of the guide  said was “ Use this treatment consistently like your  life  depends on it”. I listened to her because she had a proven track record of helping over 234 couples both in Nigeria and India conceive and give birth to children. 


She has over 20 years experience in the field of fertility and has received numerous awards due to her massive contribution to seeing that couples around the world fulfill their dreams of having children of their own.


She told me how effective and powerful this treatment is and how it was helping couples in theNigeria and in the  U.S.A solve every stubborn infertility issue and start giving birth to children.


On hearing this, I bought the treatment with my own money. I spent N16,000


Not only did I get the “Pregnancy Miracle Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide”, I also got several bonuses.


I got an ebook that showed me how to pick the sex of my baby during conception using a secret ancient technique called the “Locozumi Method”.


With this, I could pick if I wanted a baby boy, a baby girl, and even twins.


This “Locozumi Method” contained the exact diet, home therapy’s, sexual positions and even lifestyle changes I could implement if I wanted to determine the sex of my baby.


Using this “Locozumi Method” for me and my husband, we were able to conceive Triplets and this means it worked to a T! With the Locozumi Method, you don’t have to have a family history of twins in order for you to conceive twins with your husband.


 It was quite affordable and this encouraged me to go for it. . I wanted a solution for my issue and I was willing to do anything to get it.

I rushed home, read the guide and started implementing what I had thought for me and my husband. 


Everyday before work, I’ll make a secret but highly potent smoothie for my fertility condition. I’ll also make it for my husband and we will drink it together.


I made sure my husband and I took the fertility booster smoothie stated in this ebook as prescribed for our fertility complications on missing days. We took it consistently and made sure we were also meeting each other at least 3-4 times per week.


Dear reader, within 90 days of usage, they said I would never be able to carry a child in my womb but I had started vomiting up and down due to morning sickness.


My skin color changed, my breasts became tender and painful. My husband began to wonder what was wrong with me. He gave me money to go to the hospital and run a series of tests.


On getting to the reception and meeting a nurse, the receptionist on seeing the way I was looking said “Madam take it easy with your pregnancy o”


I was like “pregnancy keh?”


I just laughed and said I came to run a malaria and typhoid test.


She laughed and said she doesn’t believe that was the issue. She immediately gave me a pregnancy test kit and ushered me to the bathroom to check.


I checked and within 20 minutes I tested positive for pregnancy but I was still in doubt and shock.


I bought another test kit and it still came out positive.

I can never forget that day. I even took pictures of the test kit and sent it to my husband.

I was overjoyed. I began to cry and praise God in the bathroom right where I was.

God had wiped away my tears. He had turned my sorrows into joy. 23 years of hopelessness, worry and pressure had finally ended with me being pregnant at 52.

The man that they said had low sperm count was now able to impregnate his wife.

1 year later we are parents of triplets at age 52. If you doubt, see their picture below.

For the naming ceremony, my husband slaughtered 2 massive cows just to celebrate. Sharing our testimony in church brought tears to the eyes of everyone that knew our background story.

Tears of joy and praises to the most high that used Pregnancy Miracle: Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” could turn our story around was the order of the day.

I really give God thanks

Hmm…I don’t joke with recommending this treatment to couples who are struggling with fertility issues. 

Although results are not typical, I strongly believe it has a high chance of working for any couple who dares to follow the instructions.

Other medications just deal with the symptoms but  “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” uproots the tree of infertility making it die from the roots. Plus it’s all natural and you can actually make the smoothies with ingredients you can find in the market. Men and women can take it as a couple and it works.

So far, over 534  Nigerian couples have also testified that this  “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” works. Today they are with their baby boys, baby girl and even twins, because the treatment gave them a lasting solution.

If it can work for 534 couples, then your own case shouldn’t be different.

Your condition might not even be worse like theirs.

You know the bible says “My people suffer from lack of knowledge” Many couples today are simply wasting time and resources because they do not know the exact treatment to take that would give them the results they are looking for.

That Is why I decided to open up by giving this personal review of the  “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” so that other couples won’t have to waste time and money trying to have children of their own.

Now this treatment is not free but I can assure you that I can help you get it at a very subsidized price.

Remember I told you that I bought  “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” for N16,000

Yes, that is how much the treatment costs on a normal day.

But something just happened. I just saw a special promo discount on their page where you can get  “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” for just N9,500 within the next 1 week (7 days)

Plus you will still get 3 special bonus books that will show you how to conceive a baby boy, a baby girl, twins and even triplets using a very powerful “Locozumi Method ”.

Their online platform is running a new year 50% promo discount that will last from now till the end of this week.

Instead of paying the hefty sum of N16,000  all you would have to pay is just N9,500  and your “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” + the other bonuses will be sent to your email instantly.

So if you know that 2023 is the year that you want to hear the cry of your own God given children in your house, and you know that you can afford to get this treatment at this exact discounted price, simply click on the link below.

This promo discount ends in 7 days time from now and spending just N9,500 to get information that can put an end to that year in year out living without children is really not a bad idea. 

That idle N9,500 in your account can give you access to a powerful fertility boosting secret that can give you a pregnancy miracle before the year ends.

Plus this is one of the most affordable treatments out there so what’s stopping you?

To get “Pregnancy Miracle:  Fertility Booster Smoothie Guide” + the other bonuses, all you need to do is sign up with your name and email below. Once you do this you will be taken to a page where you will learn all you need to know about the guide.

Please I beg of you, don’t allow 2023 to pass AGAIN without you carrying your own child. Make haste while the sun is still shining.

Time waits for no man.

If you are interested in getting this at that subsidized price, fill the form below…

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