63 Year Old Father Used To Wet The Bed With Urine Like A Baby Due To Prostate Enlargement Until This 🍃 Mega Prostate Fix” Rescued Him

If You Don’t Want To Ever Wear A Catheter Or Visit The Toilet For Urination, 5 Times In 30 Minutes Due To Prostate Enlargement Then You Must Read This Page From Beginning To The End.

Why Must You Read It From The Beginning To The End?

Why Must You Read It From The Beginning To The End?

“If you take your time to read what I am about to share with you  on this page, then you have taken the first step to shrinking that enlarged prostate that is frustrating you everyday.


Your sleep will be sweet and the only time you will ever visit the toilet to urinate would be once in the morning to empty your bladder naturally.


The feeling of always wanting to urinate will disappear and your bladder will be free. 


No need for surgery plus you will put an end to spending your hard earned money on treatments that never work as promised.”

Now Before I Reveal This Solution To You, Allow Me Share A Story About My 63 Year Old Father Who Was Suffering From An Enlarged Prostate.


To be honest with you, every night became a living hell for him.


Imagine after working hard during the day, coming home very tired and then trying to rest for the next day only to discover that you cannot get at least 1 hour of quality and comfortable sleep without going to the toilet to urinate.


That was my father’s predicament.


Once he urinated,, within the next 10 minutes, he would be going to the toilet again to urinate.

Urination became a painful experience for him because of the strain. 


Close your eyes and imagine a grown man crying like a baby just to urinate. This was my father.


The pain was so severe that sometimes he would be tired of getting up to visit the toilet. He would just urinate on the bed.


Every morning, we had to take the mattress outside and even use leather to cover it to prevent him from soaking the bed with urine every night.


It was a shameful and embarrassing experience for my dad who was a hardworking businessman.


At a point, we decided to get him a catheta to aid with the urination but my father was never okay or comfortable with it.


My father was a very active man who needed to move around in his business but the Catheta became a burden for him.


He decided to remove the Catheta and continue living life and bearing the frustrations of an enlarged prostate.

But Something Happened That Made All Of Us Panic!

Unknown to us, my father had developed a urinary tract infection due to the prolonged prostate enlargement problem.


My father would be so pressed to urinate at night but when he got to the toilet, nothing was coming out, yet his bladder felt like it wanted to burst with urine.


At This Point We Knew That “Water Don Pass Garri”


My dad was crying like a baby, his lower abdomen was swelling with urine but yet he was unable to urinate.


We quickly rushed him to the hospital and the verdict was scary.

The doctor said that if immediate surgery was not carried out on my dad, his liver and kidney would be damaged and once it happened, death would be sure in the next 6 months.


The doctor gave him a drug that would help clear his system and make him urinate but if he didn’t do the surgery, then kidney and liver damage was sure.

The surgery cost N1,600,000 and we had just one month to raise that money as a family.


We had to vomit N1,600,000 or risk my father dying. This was our case until….

We Found A God Sent Solution.

While running around to fetch N1,600,000 for my fathers surgery we stumbled on a 50 year old man who had suffered the same thing that my father was suffering from.


Infact, according to the man, his own situation was way worse than what my father was going through but if not for just 2 Prostate Shrinker Treatment he would have suffered from Kidney failure.


Now what was this 2 Prostate Shrinker Treatment That Saved The Life Of This Old Man?


He introduced us to 

Mega Prostate Fix Herbal Complete Special Package

Accosting this 50 year old man, this was his turning point for everything Prostate Enlargement.


The man swore with all the conviction in his heart that if only we could use this product for a consistent 4 weeks, we would never need to spend N1,600,000 million on surgery again.


This treatment helped him shrink his enlarged prostate and made sleeping a time to look forward to instead a time to fear due to the pains.


When we heard his testimony, we decided to give the treatment a try while still looking for the N1,600,000 for surgery.


I bought that treatment for 120k for my father and he began to use it. 


For the first 2 days of using the treatment, it looked like  nothing happened….


But On The Third Day My Father Slept For 3 Hours Straight, Only Urinating Just Once.


Remember, my father used to urinate like 5 times every 30 minutes but now my father slept for 3 hours and only visited the toilet once


In the 2nd week of using it, he discovered that the strain and constant heaviness of the bladder had stopped.


He was urinating like a young man now. No strain to urinate, no pain. The urine flowed freely like a river and once it stopped, his bladder was very free.

This Treatment Was Working Like Wild Fire.

My father was sleeping and snoring like a baby. No constant waking up in the night to urinate.


My mother and I were now resting well and sleeping because of my fathers relief.


No more fear of Kidney Failure.


After one month, we went back to the doctor and the scan results we got made us so happy.


My father’s prostate had Shrinked for more than 50% the size of when he had acute prostate enlargement.


When the doctor saw it, he advised us to keep our money instead of wasting it on a surgery that was not needed.


We were Overjoyed and that is how my father was free from Prostate Enlargement.


My father sent a bottle of wine to the man that introduced us to the treatment. They have since been friends since then.


Now I Have Decided To Introduce This Sage Treatment To Men Like My Father Reading This Page Right Now!


Are you not tired of the sleepless nights?


Are you not tired of constantly urinating?


Are you not tired of wasting money on products that never work?


If you are tired of these issue, then allow me introduce this product to you below…


Mega Prostate Fix Herbal Complete Special Package

High Potency Prostate Shrinker Solution Strictly For Men Who Want To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate Fast & Live A Normal Life.

This “Mega Prostate Fix Saw Palmetto Prostate Care Herbal Complete Special Package” pack helped my family escape paying N1,600,000 for prostate surgery and also saved my father from Kidney and Liver failure

I am not so sure what the current figure will be now, but as when I searched this products, there were already 481 verifiable testimonials of Men who used this treatment and saw results..

481 men (with testimonials) can’t be wrong about 1 product.

It couldn’t have been a lie.. I even had to check for side-effects, but till the point where I used it, there was none recorded.

Your case wouldn’t be any different.

Let me show you how exactly each of this treatment will help correct your prostate enlargement, once and for all.

Mega Prostate Fix Saw Palmetto Prostate Care Herbal Complete Special Package

This treatment contains a very powerful herbal formula called Saw Palmetto found in the mountains of a far away country called Venezuella. This herb has been scientifically proven to shrink prostate enlargement in as fast as 90 days of consistent consumption.

Antioxidants counteract oxidative stress , which can cause damage and disease in a person’s body. In addition, laboratory research on cancer cells and animal tissue suggests that soursop can: suppress prostate cancer cells and reduce prostate size in humans.


Taking this treatment daily for 90 days  brings you closer to having a very healthy prostate like that of a 20 year old boy.

Now Let Me Outline What It Would Specifically Do In Your Body When You Start Using The Treatment

Improves Urinary Tract Function

Urinary Tract  symptoms are common among older men and can include issues like incontinence and difficulty urinating but on the 7th day of using this treatment, you will notice that the difficulty in urinating would have become easier. 


The pain would gradually subside and your urine will flow easily like before.


We used it for my father and it worked. He used to cry while urinating but now his urine flows well and the pain is gone.

No more going to the bathroom to urinate at night up to 10 times.


We know just how uncomfortable prostate problems can be, which is why we crafted our Saw Palmetto prostate supplement with whole berry fruit to naturally promote urinary tract and prostate health.* Let nature do the hard work for you.



Sleep through the night.

Waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom can be extremely frustrating. Our Saw Palmetto extract can help you put an end to frequent trips to the bathroom so that you can get a good night’s sleep without any interruptions.

Decreases Prostate Inflammation & Enlargement

Saw Palmetto Prostate Care Herbal Complete Special Package found in this treatment contains the antioxidants epicatechin and methyl gallate — compounds that prevent damage to cells, decrease inflammation, and protect against chronic disease such as kidney and liver failure that comes as a result of prolonged prostate enlargement.

Helps Boost Testosterone Levels & Libido

If you have being suffering from sex drive and inability to sustain an erection for long then this treatment is the solution you need.

When you start taking it, be ready to make love to your wife non stop because your testosterone level will increase and your manhood will be hard and full of sperm every time, ready to have good sex with your wife.

No more weak erection, or  low sex drive.

Helps In Hair Growth.

If you are suffering from baldness and massive hair loss due to aging then this treatment is not something you should skip. This treatment will not only solve your prostate condition but also help to boost your hair growth making you look young again. No more baldness and thinning of hair.


As you age, you might face hair loss or a receding hairline. Fortunately, our Our saw palmetto for women and men can promote hair regrowth by working to block the androgen hormone DHT which is believed to cause hair loss.* Let us help you get your fullness and confidence back!*

A Step to Better Prostate Health.

Our premium Saw Palmetto can help increase urine flow to promote an empty bladder, help avoid straining when going to the toilet, promote healthy prostate size, and reduce trips to the bathroom.* Welcome healthy prostate function with just one easy-to-swallow capsule each day.

See Amazing Testimonials From People Who Have Used This Sour Sop Prostate Care Herbal Complete Special Package” That Will Restore Your Prostate Relieving You Of Every Form Of Discomfort.

Time Waits For No Man, The More You Doubt Thinking You Are Saving Money, The More You Risk Worsening The Situation & Getting A Kidney Infection That Can Make You Lose Your Life. The Longer You Procrastinate Treating This Issue From The Root The More You Risk Prostate Cancer Or A Painful Prostate Surgery The Leaves You Feeling Uncomfortable For The Rest Of Your Life. Mind You, You Cannot Buy Body Parts In The Market

As you can see, these are regular men like you and I who decided to use this solution for absolute results

Give this Prostate Shrinker Complete Special Package  a chance by trying it out. Trust me they tried everything possible, some where art the brink of undergoing prostate surgery for solution yet they found non until this Prostate Shrinker Solution  helped them become joyful mothers and fathers of children.

There are so many testimonies I would have posted here but I won’t due to space.

I decided to try this product after seeing several products that included saw palmetto come out stating they assist in solving hair loss. They were pretty expensive and after reviewing the ingredients, I saw they were really just saw palmetto with added vitamins. I already take a daily supplement of daily vitamins that include biotin (haven’t seen any hair loss results from that) but I’ve been taking this now for about two months and I’m actually starting to see some new growth! It’s not a ton so far but I’m excited amyway! It’s the first time anything I’ve tried has given me results. I’ll definitely reorder once this bottle is gone. I had a very defined “Dracula” hairline and as you can see in the pics, it’s slowly becoming less defined. Woot!

I love it! Just a few days and my urine issues have slowed. I’m hoping to grow some hair back soon! I will update my comments in a few weeks or months.

Ok so I’m back to update my comments. This project is awesome! No more bladder problems! And I’m start to grow NEW hair on top of my head. I not saying this for a free bottle, I’m saying this because it’s true! This product is Amazing and I will continue to take it.

Great product from Mega Prostate Fix, Saw Palmetto. I noticed while using this product less frequency in my prostate, stronger stream as well, along with feeling like my bladder has been emptied better. Didn’t notice much difference in my hair, not what I purchased it for, everything else has been great! Capsules themselves are easy to swallow, no bitter after taste. RDI would be one with a meal. There are 100 capsules that come in the bottle. This product contains Saw Palmetto 500mg, Saw Palmetto Berries/Extract.

I am a senior and had problems with waking up middle night 3x to go to the bathroom. During the day I had to go often with a half full bladder its the sensation that makes you go. I was prescribed some treatment and took it over a year, this stuff never worked plus has bad side effects that inhibits male ejaculation function, it basically squashed my sex life. I decided to give it a try and it works great. I only wake up once per night and go to the bathroom normally like I did when younger. And yes I did recover and now have normal male functions. This is a huge win win. I highly recommend this saw palmetto because its quality and it works. Good luck!

My father is 90 years old WWll Veteran and I took him off of many meds that doctors in a lock up unit had him on. He lives with me and take only what is needed for his problems. Then I give him Vitamin D, Sam E for mood and joints 400 mg. Then Saw Palmetto to have him cut down on so many times to the bathroom at night. Turmerice Eden Pond 100 mg. Now he is a new man. Goes to the gym with me every day. I hope he lives at least another 10 years. Go Daddy! My other two sisters want to lock him up in a dementia unit. NOT while I’m alive. !!!!!!!! He is doing great Thank You Jesus

UPDATE! THIS STUFF WORKS. I was skeptical but with a bit of patience bam I got hair. Thank you Havasu.

I have been using this for about 6 months and notice a change. Littttttle bitty hairs where there was none. I am going to keep using as I can’t wait to see what follows. Great product!

Verified Purchase
It’s working!
UPDATE! THIS STUFF WORKS. I was skeptical but with a bit of patience bam I got hair. Thank you.

I have been using this for about 6 months and notice a change. Littttttle bitty hairs where there was none. I am going to keep using as I can’t wait to see what follows. Great product! You can see for yourself my comparison photos on  the SAW PALMETTO PRODUCT. It’s 1 photo with 3 pictures side by side.

I was going to the bathroom constantly before and I even felt a little inflammation in the area where the prostate is located. Browsing the internet I saw this product with great reviews and gave it a chance and believe me two hours after taking the first pill after it arrive by mail I felt the difference immediately, no more discomfort and no more going to pee regularly.

I received my supply on Aug 27th. Didn’t expect much by way of results, but I have been having pain during ejaculation and pelvic floor pain upon getting out of a chair after sitting a while, and other “cramping” of the prostate. I was told this could be caused by cancer or age (I’m mid-40s). Also, the urine stream got weak and it took forever to finish in the bathroom. By my the second or third pill, I noticed a slight but steady difference in all symptoms. Urine stream became stronger and stronger and the prostate pain during ejaculation is no more! I am not a believer in holistic efforts, generally speaking, but credit where credit is due. This is effective. I feel like a younger man! I’m ordering another supply, as this one is about to run out.

What Would It Take To Get This Prostate Shrinker Complete Special Package/i>” That Will Restore Your Prostate Relieving You Of Every Form Of Discomfort.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

Please note that I’m only passionate about recommending this new remedy that worked for my father and several other Nigerian men that I know because I know it is not easy to deal with the pain and discomfort of prostate enlargement or even the surgery that leaves you with unbearable pains.

I know that it can destroy a man self esteem because he has to be dependent on people even though he has been in charge of himself the whole time.

Using Prostate Shrinker Complete Special Package  will change your story positively.

-You will get to experience peaceful sleep once again like before without incessant visiting of the toilet. 

-The tension, fear and pressure you feel in your bladder will stop.

You will exeperience new hairgrowth making you feel confident like the days when you where younger.

You will experience a restoration of your sexual stamina that has been dead due to prostate enlargement.

Think about this and ask yourself what will be the fair price to get this all very powerful Prostate Shrinker Complete Special Package?

When I bought this treatment for my father I paid over N150,000 to get the complete dosage and that was very expensive for us. 

I pleaded with the company to reduce the price for us in Nigeria, but he was very adamant because he said the ingredients are very scarce. 

After many back and forth with a lot of begging, He decided to send 180 bottles of this Prostate Shrinker Complete Special Package  for just 45 people at a discounted price. 

14 people have bought the complete combo already, so they have just 31 orders left. 

Anyone Who Orders For Mega Prostate Fix Complete Special Package” Will Get A FREE Supporting Treatment Called Sour Sop Tea & Prostate Health Diet Guideline.

What Will Sour Sop Tea Do For You?


  • Made from a particular part of the Sour Sop Plant, this tea helps prevent the worsening of the Prostate Enlargement. This treatment helps prevent it from generating into prostate cancer.
  • Helps as a sleep inducer. thsi works very well if you have been experiencing Insomnia as a result of Prostate Enlargement. With this you will sleep peacefully without incessant visit to the toilet.
  • Promotes the stabilization of blood suger levels.
  • Promotes prostate health, rejuvenating it and making it youthful like before.
  • Helps with boosting libido for restored sexual functions.

Sour Sop Tea , Prostate Health, Improve Those with Frequent Urination, Promote Sleep, Hair Loss, Men Health Care.

  • Suitable For—Acute and chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy caused urgency, frequent urination, weak urine thin, dripping, dysuria, urinary astringent pain, abdominal pain and others.
  • Comfortable—This Sour Sop Tea is not irritating the skin by using comfortable and good breath-ability fabric. The skin will not feel stuffy.
  • How To Use—When using, clean and dry the navel area, open the package to remove the back of the paper, and then attach this product to the navel area, press it properly.
  • Caution—This product is for external use only. Don’t stick around eyes and mouth. In case of adverse reactions, please stop using this product. If the symptoms worsen, you should see a doctor in time.

What Will Prostate Health Diet Guideline Do For You?

Do you know the best diet for your prostate gland?

Do you know the best diet for preventing or curing prostate cancer?

Do you know the best diet for your prostate health and to prevent prostate disease?

Most men don’t.

The Prostate Health Diet shows you how to find the best diet for you and how to customize your diet for optimum health and your uniqueness.

The Prostate Health Diet is not a fad diet. It will guide you to find what will work for you with practical insights into the often conflicting views of what you should do.

It will simplify complex issues with insights that will make sense to you. You will know what to eat and why and learn how to know for sure.

Your prostate is a gland, which—among its many functions—filters out toxins from your ejaculate. That means the worse you eat, the harder your prostate works. And the earlier your prostate may show signs of poor function. Witness the ever increasing incidence of prostate problems in today’s Western men.

It’s a remarkable gland, and an unhealthy prostate can have huge repercussions on a man’s quality of life.

Your prostate can make its presence known later in life, demanding your attention: prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate or BPH, or an infected prostate – prostatitis – are the all too common prostate diseases or conditions affecting more and more men, and at an earlier age than decades ago.

Why wait until your prostate function is compromised to learn what foods you shouldn’t eat and which ones you should? Your prostate and your sex life will have a better chance if you develop your personalized diet as soon as possible.

In the final analysis, it comes down to diet. Any natural prostate approach makes a prostate diet the cornerstone of your prostate health.

If you want to prevent a prostate problem from happening in the first place, or if you already have a prostate condition or prostate cancer, diet is the key. All else pales in comparison: medications, supplements, medical treatments or devices.

The advice in The Prostate Health Diet will guide you in customizing your diet for your unique constitution and condition. No myths, no agendas, no over-simplification. The road laid out for you becomes clear to navigate.

You will know what to eat and what to do for your optimal health.


Ronald M. Bazar is the author of the ground-breaking book, Healthy Prostate: The Extensive Guide to Prevent and Heal Prostate Problems Including Prostate Cancer, BPH Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis, and other books on prostate function:

• Prostate Health: Learn the 10 Amazing Functions of Your Prostate

• Do You Know the 10 Worst Foods for Your Prostate Health?

• Prostate Cancer Prevention Diet

• Secrets of Male Catheter Insertion for Prostate Problems

• The Prostate Massage Manual

All are available on Amazon.

He brings a unique perspective not found anywhere else, learned in the trenches of healing his extreme prostate condition. He suffered from complete urinary retention—the inability to pee—and was scheduled for emergency surgery, which he chose not to have.

He has studied diet and health for four decades, as both an enthusiast and as a businessman, starting in the early years of the natural health industry.

His years of dedication and research to understanding wellness provide the special insights in this book. He will inspire you to a level of health to serve you for the rest of your life.

He now lives a fulfilling life as a writer and hobby artisan on a remote island, healthier than he has ever been!

Only For Men Who Order For Saw Palmetto Prostate Care Complete Special Package

Select Your Package Below…

partial treatment

+Sour Sop Prostate Care Tea

promo price:


Normal PRICE = N45,000

Free natiowide delivery

payment on delivery nationwide

30 days money back guarantee

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partial treatment

promo price:


Normal PRICE = N75,000

Free natiowide delivery

payment on delivery nationwide

30 days money back guarantee

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COMPLETE treatment

Complete Special Package

(Over 2000 Orders)

promo price:


Normal PRICE = N95,000

Free natiowide delivery

payment on delivery nationwide

30 days money back guarantee

currently not found in stores

ORDER BEFORE (11:59pm) – Shipping

My father used the COMPLETE SPECIAL PACKAGE (Recommended Dosage) and today, I can boldly say that my father sleeps like a baby, the pain, discomfort of prostate enlargement has disappeared.

As a man you deserve to rest and take care of yourself and I can assure that this is your best bet.


They deliver to anywhere in Nigeria Free Of Charge, and they also do Payment On Delivery.

Due to the high demand for Saw Palmetto  Complete Special Package. The company deals strictly on a first come first serve basis. 

Saw Palmetto Complete Special Package usually sells out in 24 hours of display, that means ordering 2 – 3 days from now decreases your chances of getting this Saw Palmetto treatment because many Nigerian men have started hearing about the effectiveness of this package and are rushing it in order not to miss out.

If you are serious about taking care of this prostate enlargement once and for all, to avoid it degenating into prostate cancer, act by placing an order before its too late.

Once you do, your order would be treated as urgent and delivered to you within 24 hours.

Orders placed now, would attract a FREE SHIPPING that will cost us N5,000 straight to your doorstep.

You have 10 minutes to place an order before another man grabs your package leaving you stuck.


Now, I’m sure you will be asking yourself “What if I buy this Saw Palmetto Complete Special Package” and it does not work? What if I I still continue having sleepless nights due to the challenge of Prostate Enlargement? 

I understand how you feel, in fact, I felt the same way too the day this product was introduced to me and my dad but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and today, my dad is thanks God for the days he decided to try this treatment. It was bad that my we had to be cleaning urine every morning, but after this treatment, he is back to normal and functions like an adult. My mother has confirmed that he is performing well sexually.

My friend, you don’t need to be afraid. If you buy this Saw Palmetto Complete Special Package and you do not see any results whatsoever, the sellers are willing to give you back your money 100% guaranteed.

They are so confident about the effectiveness of this solution and they also offered me 100% money back guarantee too. They will refund it to you, even though you have used the product.

But This Will Not Last Forever.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Yesterday I contacted the seller to tell him that I want to do a testimonial write-up for him, and he informed me that there are just 32 pieces remaining because last week, they had over 2000 orders

Every minute you delay may mean another serious man who wants to get permanent solution for his prostate enlargement is placing an order and getting his solution


I wouldn’t want to tell you to hurry, but if you as a man don’t plan to eventually become a burden to your wife and children then you need quickly fill the form below for fast delivery.

Once the form is filled and submitted, you will receive a call from their assistant, to confirm the order. If you are are in Lagos, you will get your the next day but if you are outside Lagos, expect your treatment in 3-5 working days.

Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days 

Our Customer Care Will Call You Within 24hrs After You Place Your Order.

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