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Your body will be supercharged for stratospheric super sex that would make your woman super wet and come back for more.

Who would have thought that a 65 year old Chinese old man could not only be sexually active but also go 2 rounds of knacking,  also impregnating a virgin for that matter.

Well,  this story has taken China by storm and has since gone viral.

Many young men nowadays suffer from (Premature Ejaculation) P.E, low libido and also low sperm count preventing them from performing sexually.


2 minutes with a woman, the sexual drive to continue is dead and they have lost their erections.


This situation has made many men of nowadays almost impotent, having a troubled sex life.


…..but a Underground herbal root has been found as the latest breakthrough for premature ejaculation and low sperm count.


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In an exclusive interview with 75 year old Chao Mao Sung he revealed a very powerful aphrodisiac that boosts sexual drive & wellbeing by 300% if consumed for at least one week. 


This natural aphrodisiac  is a “2 in 1 Manpower Activator”

According to him, this syrup made from Maca Herbal Root was handed over to him by his parents as a family trade secret.


He has since planted this mysterious root  at the back of his house in a faraway mountain.

This herbal root has been proven by scientists to contain a powerful aphrodisiac that once processed into a syrup  and taken with either yogurt or milk makes manhood strong and super alive. 


It will instantly put your body in the mood for sex. 

The urge to have sex would be so strong that you would be having erections from morning till evening till you put your dick in a womans vagina.

It not only awakens the sleeping giant in a man’s weak erection, but also makes the mans sperm super thick and fertile enough to get a woman pregnant.

Chao confessed to using 4 this “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” every day   before having sex with his 20 year old virgin bride. Immediately after eating a good meal.

The Results!

She Got Pregnant & gave Birth To Twins

His wife Lao Mao has confessed to the turgidity and huge size of her husband’s manhood. 

She says that his manhood always makes her squirt heavily, she gushes anytime she has sexual intercourse with her husband. In fact the bed is saoked anytime they have sex. He has become every womans dream and even knacks better then most young men.

She explained that her husband could go 2-3 rounds of sex without getting weak whenever he consumed that “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” made from Maca Herbal Root, ginseng and zingiber.

To further prove the potency of this aphrodisiac, scientists conducted an experiment giving 5 men this“2 in 1 Manpower Activator” aphrodisiac to consume both morning and night before sex with their partners.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘂𝗹𝘁𝘀!

It was discovered that this men could go 30 minutes longer than most average men during sex.

Their sperm count increased by 40%. Whenever they were released inside their woman, the woman felt that warm milk gush into them. Sex was crazy for this men.

Chinese scientists through the help of Chao have done deep research and investigation and have proven his claims to be true.

This “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” was proven to contain powerful aphrodisiacs that internally stimulate the sexual organs and skyrocketing libido once consumed in liquid form.

Once they discovered Stallion Manpower Root through the help of 65 year old Chao. They immediately planted this seed in large quantities available for mass consumption by people who suffer from sexual malfunctions.

This “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” has made Chinese men sexually potent, satisfying their wives and giving birth to children like it’s a day job.

China has one of the largest populations in the world.

To Prove That Stallion Manpower Can Work For The Average Nigerian Man Who Suffers From Embarrassing Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection & Loss Of Libido, Below Is A Testimony From A Verified User...

Former Sexually Frustrated Nigerian Banker Confesses About Stallion Manpower.

One of the most embarrassing days of my life was the day I wanted to give my wife “Stratostrophic Super Sex” but failed woefully after ejaculating just 2 minutes after I entered her. 

My ego was shattered and her respect for me disappeared into thin air.

This all happened after I had overhyped myself, giving me nick names like “Boss Man” and “Karl Drogo” promising her the hottest sex of her life….I even told her that we would go at list 3 rounds that night.

My wife was so expectant that she bought new red lingerie’s and cooked a nice meal. 

Once I came home and was done eating, we jumped straight into sex. 

The foreplay was awesome to the point that my wife was wet and literally begged me to enter her.

To her greatest disappointment, I lasted for just 2 minutes and I could no longer sustain an erection. 

She sucked, she romanced and even begged me to “Come Up” again but all was futile.

My wife went to bed hopelessly devastated with disappointment written all over her face.

This was not the first time that this was happening, my wife had been enduring and hoping that things will change, in fact I promised her that things will change but I was disappointed again and this time it was devastating.

This is when I knew that water don pass garri.

Not that I had not been looking for solutions.

I had tried s many things, gone for tests, took sexual enhancement coffee, took injections and all sort of pills but non seemed to be working.

That night, I called my best friend and that was the first time I cried bitterly on phone.

I could no longer enjoy sex with my wife, sex was boring. Is it that I was getting old or God was punishing me?

I narrated my ordeal and he understood exactly what I was talking about because him too had gone through it last year.

He narrated his ordeal and how he found a solution that helped him called “2 in 1 Manpower Activator”. He also shared their website with me and asked me to place an order and give it a try.

Seeing that he was a trusted friend who had used the treatment, I decided to give it a try.

I took it as coach Victor instructed and went back to my madam, this time not hyping myself but just going with the flow.

I started initiating sex with my wife and at first she was hesitant because she knew how it always ended…flat manhood.

But something was different with me that day. My penis was so hard like my college years and this lasted all through my fireplace my with my wife.

I gave her oral sex, fingered her, kissed her and all these while my penis was still hard as a stick.

Then it came for the time to penetrate her and I entered.

Surprisingly for my wife, it was still hard. I kept thrusting and penetration but for the first time in 2 years I had lasted more than 5 minutes without releasing. 

My wife was astonished, she kept asking me what I did and I refused to tell her so it will be my little secret.

Since taking “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” my story has changed for the better.

My wife now respects me more.

That fear of her leaving me for another man is gone.

That pressure and fear of not perform well in bed has disappeared.

Sex is now something my wife and I look forward too, 

it’s no longer boring and my wife now has orgasms which is something she never enjoyed since we got married.

I thank God for Coach Victor and Stallion manpower.

Mr. Vincent Anekwe

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"Stallion Manpower Herbal " + Mega Sperm Booster

This “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” is your last bus-stop to everything weak erection, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, Azoospermia, Oligospermia, low sperm count, lack of sexual drive and small penis.

What Are Benefits Of Taking Stallion Manpower? (WORTH N35,000)

Stallion Manpower can eradicate any form of sexual dysfunction in your body. Making you as sexually active as a 20-year-old boy raging with hormones and pouring his seed into different girls. It gives you the strongest of erection that will rival a highly paid pornstar you see online.

If a man uses this Stallion Manpower that is formulated from the Maca Herbal Root , he will knack his woman for 30 minutes, have multiple orgasms and yet still be as hard as a stone. Guaranteed!

His woman will literally beg him to go hard, and he will deliver because the pleasure he will be getting will be out of this world.

…and even if he comes first and second, his dick will still be alive.

He will be like a roaring lion devouring the honey pot. In fact I have used it and I noticed that even when I release, 5-10 minutes later, my manhood is strong and active again looking for a sweet amd juicy vagina to enter for another round of mad sex.

  • Stallion Manpower is an aphrodisiac that contains nontoxic herbs that increases men’s hardness, treat premature ejaculation.
  • Taking it 2 hours before you meet your woman after a full meal can give you a guaranteed 1 hour of multiple orgasms without going flat.
  • Stallion Manpower contains a powerful formula that helps the body manage stress. Stress causes premature ejaculation but this herb will lower your body’s stress levels and give you sexual stamina by making you last longer in bed. No more 2 minutes of sex.
  • Stallion Manpower contains aphrodisiac properties that increase your hunger for sex with your woman. It increases your libido making you horny when it comes to having sex with your lover. Your libido will increase and you will always be in the mood for hot sex, ready to fire.
  • Stallion Manpower helps strengthens the penis making it turgid and alive during sex. It eliminates a flaccid penis, making it hard enough to give your woman multiple stratospheric orgasms.
  • Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac also reduces over-sensitivity of the penis, eliminating premature ejaculation. It will help you gradually increase your sex drive duration.
  • It increases your sexual stamina and strengthens you to the point that you can go multiple rounds of sex without quitting. 

    With this, your wife will be the one begging you to stop penetrating her because she can’t take it anymore. You will become the boss man.

  • Solidifies Erection & Remedies Premature Ejaculation

    Taking it 2 hours before you meet your woman after a full meal can give you a guaranteed 1 hour of multiple orgasms without going flat.

    Taking it everyday offers a lasting solution to all Penis Wahala.

It increases your sexual stamina and strengthens you to the point that you can go multiple rounds of sex without quitting. 

With this, your wife will be the one begging you to stop penetrating her because she can’t take it anymore. You will become the boss man.

Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac helps you also last for as much as 17-40 minutes during sex. 

With this, I go for at least 2-3 rounds of marathon sex with my wife and she is sincerely grateful for this. This can be your story too.

Read these remarks from men who I know used this Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac formula and their honest testimonies below…

I perform poorly in bed, that the first girl that had sex with me, vowed never to come near me again. 

She held my weak penis it while it was erect and it was so tiny in her hands that I saw disappointment written all over her face. 

Worst of all, I was a 2-minute man, I could not hold an erection even when my girlfriend had opened her legs revealing her “love tunnel”. 

Every girl I had sex with, never came back again due to my predicament. My case was as serious as cancer and I desperately sort a solution. I saw this 2 in 1 Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac “ online and at first I was very skeptical because I had ordered so many products online that promised and failed. Nevertheless, I had some spare money and decided to try it out and placed an order for it. Afterall, the taste of the pudding, is in the trying.

Sincerely, ever since this Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac came into my life, sex for me has been a blast. I wish I could reveal my manhood to you; you will be shocked to the bones. 

I go 2 rounds non –stop and my present girlfriend is lucky. Thanks to this Stallion Manpower Herbal Aphrodisiac

Pius Ikeji (Delta State, Nigeria)

Anytime I Take This 2 In 1 Manpower Activator, I Fuck Like A Pornstar.

Before now, my sexual performance was nothing to write home about. I have lost so many girlfriends simply because I could not fuck well. But when I started using this 2 in 1 manpower activator, my sex game became fire. In fact 2 mins after taking it, my penis will be hard as a cucumber looking for a soft and wet pussy to pound. Now I can have sex with women back to back and satisfy them. I give Stallion Manpower, Mega Sperm booster a 10/10. 

Mr. Caleb


Now I Can Fuck My Babe For 30 Minutes Plus Without Getting Soft!

I can really say for sure that my sex game has improved. Anytime I want to have sex, I take Stallion Manpower and the sex has been crazy. My babe can ride me for 30 minutes plus and my penis will still be super hard and asking for more. Stallion Manpower is the best no doubt 


2 in 1 Manpower Activator Puts Me In The Mood For Super Sex.


I’m a professional porn star and due to the demands of my porn business, I need to always bring my A-game all the time. Anytime I am scheduled to have a sexual performance, I just take Stallion Manpower and Mega Sperm Booster. I also use consistently and the result is what you see above. I fuck like a machine and every girl that tastes my penis will never remain the same. I recommend this 2 in 1  Manpower activator to any man that wants to fuck well.


I had been plagued with premature ejaculation since my university days. I have tried so many products, promising extra large manhood but non of them worked. 

Some of them even gave me nasty skin reactions and I would end up dumping them even though I spent a lot of money to buy them. 

But ever since I used this Stallion Manpower Aphrodisiac, I have finally killed premature ejaculation. Thank God I married a woman who loves sex, that means we go back to back all night long. No slacking, no tiredness, no loss of libido…..I’m a sexual soldier now.

Tunde Fakunle (Lagos State, Nigeria)


Stallion Manpower make sense die. I fully recommend. You get full value for your money.


I swear your body go tell you.


Stallion Manpower is the truth. See dick. Now all my babes are catching feelings because of my massive dick.

I just took Stallion Erection booster this morning. I didn’t masturbate for like one week because I want my Sperm to build up.

Can’t wait to feed my dick to someone’s daughter.


My nick name now is “Odinaka Tatata” because I Dey knack pussy well.

Ever since I started taking Stallion Manpower this is how sex has been. Sex has been crazy and I am having a good time.

Stallion Manpower God bless you.


I bought Stallion Manpower from the USA. I needed a strong African herb that can help me perform well because I’m a porn star and I need to stay solid.

I guess this Stallion Manpower is working well, this girl is giving me a crazy blowjob that wants to drive me crazy.

I give Stallion Manpower full 5-star.


This babe you are seeing is a babe I once had sex with 2 years ago. She said she can never have sex with me again because she didn’t enjoy it. This girl abused me, called my dick “softie” because I couldn’t hold erection.

Fast forward to a year later, I took Stallion manpower. I invited her over, and one thing led to another, I fucked her well.

That day, I gave her doggy, grabbed her bone straight hair from the back while I was lashing her.

She called me daddy, her pussy was so creamy. Stallion Manpower makes a man turn to a sex machine.

Today anytime she is hungry for my dick, she sends me pictures like this.

Something must to kill a man, I go fuck this babe tire and Stallion Manpower will help me.


5am in the morning at a hotel in Lekki with my babe. This is me in full performance mode, and this is my babe taking my solid dick.

Wetin cause am?

Na Stallion Manpower! You want to perform like me, get your own packs now.

If you like ignore, that one concern you, if another man begin dey knack your babe no come cry for my side…lol.

Thank you Stallion Manpower. Long live Stallion Sperm Booster, Long live Stallion Erection Booster.


“This is the first time this year that I have lasted for at least 15 minutes. This particular girl used to post me anytime I invited her over due to my weak erection but today, I am fucking her like the man that I am and she has been calling me daddy since that. Stallion Manpower Complete Formula is working like crazy. Thanks boss”


I’ve never seen anything like this  Stallion Manpower Complete Formula. I took it in the morning before going to the gym and my dick has not calm down since. Girls just using style to look at my dick. One is following me home now to taste it. I swear to God, Stallion Manpower Complete Formula works.


This is 5:30 am and and my dick is as hard as this. Before my wife goes to work, I am giving her at least 2 rounds. She must cum back to back. Before she used to yab me that I can last for ordinary 2 minutes but recently she goes to bed happy because I deliver steady. Thanks to Stallion Manpower Complete Formula.


I’m a 45 years old man and this is my Stallion Manpower package. My wife is in the bathroom taking her bath and getting ready for me.

Before now, I was loosing my sexual stamina. Within 30 seconds I have released and my girl was not happy. Once I release all my sexual urge will die.

But since I started taking Stallion Erection booster and mixing it with Stallion Sperm Booster my prick don turn to machine.

I’m giving my wife different styles, and she likes when she is twerking on top of my solid dick. Stallion Manpower works like mad.

Thanks bro. I’m ordering again for my guys by next week. Plus my own just finished because I have been having sex like everyday and I no Dey tire.

I’m ordering for the N80,000 package.


My morning erection no be joke.

My babe just got pregnant last week. I have been drinking Stallion Manpower like say na water.I was trying to get my girlfriend pregnant that’s why I bought it.

In the morning, once I wake I take both Stallion Erection Booster, plus Stallion Sperm Booster.

It makes me fuck my babe till she squirts all over the bed. Every day she dey wash bedsheets because my dick satisfies her. Stallion Manpower works mehn.

No hype. Get this product and I promise you that your babe go carry belle fast.


This is 2pm in the afternoon at work, and this is my dick.

I’ve been taking Stallion Manpower for 2 days now and my dick can’t wait to enter a wet pussy.

I don book hookup with one of my babe, tonight is night. I’ll fuck her till she splashing 💦💦💦 on me.

I specifically invited this my babe because she can take long big prick, she no Dey cry. Tonight she will suck my dick long and hard.

If you are a guy and you are not taking Stallion Manpower then you are missing something.


Omo, Stallion Manpower Formula works like crazy. I just invited my girlfriend over to my house and I have drank the Erection Booster  mixed with Stallion Sperm Booster With Milk  and I am as hard as a stick. I’m ready for her. No more disapointment. I have not had an erection like this since I started my stressful bank job but today I am ready.


My morning erection is 100%. I don’t joke with Stallion Manpower Complete Formula. Unfortunately, my babe will come in the evening so I have to wait. I’ve been taking Stallion Manpower Complete Formula since last night and see what I woke up with. Guys, if you wan sabi f#ck well, order for Stallion Manpower Formula  and thank me later.


This is round 2 of me cumming and I’m still hard. My babe don tire to suck my dick so she is resting. Wahala for who no dey use Stallion Manpower Complete Formula

What Are The Benefits Mega Sperm Booster? (WORTH N32,000)

Mega Sperm Booster is proven to improve sperm quality and motility in men because it contains a sperm booster herb called Maca Herbal Root

This means if you are having Low Sperm Count, you will notice that your sperm would become full and thick like yogurt. 

You will notice that the sperm will become thick and full enough to impregnate a woman.

Improves Sperm Viscosity & Motility:

This treatment improves the thickness and the range of the sperm making it mobile enough to fertilize the eggs. Helps treat and correct azoospermia and oligospermia.

Mega Sperm Booster Makes Your Watery Sperm Fertile Enough To Impregnate A Woman: If you are planning or working towards getting your woman pregnant and having a child, this is a booster you want to go for. While Stallion Manpower gives you the strength to perform in bed, this Mega Sperm Booster makes your sexual performance yield results by getting your wife pregnant. 

Instead of releasing ordinary water that cannot get your wife pregnant, you will be releasing thick and quaility sperm inside her. One solid drop, and the next thing she is pregnant. So if you want a child this year, you should add this to your treatment.


Its A Miracle Worker

I am always skeptical of reviews and almost never write any but this… I have to!

My wife and I have been married for well over a year now. On the surface, we pretended like we were fine and not in a hurry but we tried every month and nothing happened. Deep down, I suspected something was wrong but never went for testing. I didn’t want to have any reason to be sad or down. We kept on trying for six months until I got frustrated one day, saw this Mega Sperm Booster  and bought it. After the first month, we expected a miracle and nothing actually happened. It was really frustrating and we almost thought it was all a ruse, the drugs and reviews. However, for whatever reasons, I got all another set of Mega Sperm Booster just to be consistent.  

We were only about a week into the new bottles when she started complaining of nausea. Nothing clicked in my head at all until Boxing Day. While we unboxed our Christmas Gifts, she asked me to wait, that there was a gift she forgot to drop by the tree for me. I opened the small box and behold, I saw a baby cloth and a ClearBlue strip that says she is pregnant! Undoubtedly my best Christmas gift EVER and I can’t believe it. She’s gone to a clinic to confirm via blood and the result confirmed it!


My Sperm Has Changed

Okay, where do I start ?.. I don’t ever and I mean ever review anything online because everything is mostly crap or it doesn’t work. It took me 2 and half months to even review this product. So me taking my time to review this product means a lot. So let’s talk about this product and my history. I have been trying to have kids for the past 6 or 7 years now. The doctor diagnosed me with low sperm count. I tried everything I kind of gave up. few months ago I was on the phone with one of my buddies and the subject of kids came up. I told him i have low sperm count and it’s hard for me to have kids. Then he told me about this pills. I told him to send me the link and so he did. I read the reviews and I was very skeptical about it. But it doesn’t hurt to try it since My wife and I been trying everything . One more product shouldn’t hurt. He told me to order the whole 3 package. The Stallion Manpower – Mega Sperm Booster  and I did. I took the recommended dose for about a month and half At this point I was traveling to the United States for work and I left my wife in Nigeria . So I took all 3  for about month and half before going back to Nigeria to see my wife. The good news was she just got off her period the week I go back when she was ovulating as well ..I have to say WOW. The very first week she got pregnant. My Sperm is different now. There’s a lot and much more thicker and white. Compared to the clear and small amount I used to have. Now we are 5 weeks pregnant and I can’t thank my friend enough for recommending this product to me. Thank you so much. To those struggling with infertility please try this product. IT REALLY WORKS .


If you are like me and you are trying to get pregnant with your wife/girl friend, you are probably frustrated as to why things are not working out like you planned. During the three years plus my wife and I were trying to get pregnant we saw so many couples who got pregnant, many of whom didn’t even try to get pregnant. I am hoping my story can give you some hope and maybe you can try what my wife and I did.
Here is the story of what my wife and I went through. We decided in June of 2012 we were going to try and have a baby. Nothing happens in the first six months and since I had a hydrocele surgery when I was 18 we decided to get a sperm test done. First was an online test (word of advice, don’t do it) and it showed I had less than 20 percent sperm count. We went to a local sperm clinic to get another sperm test done. Because of time constraints I had to do the test at home and my wife dropped the semen sample off. The test showed I had two sperm!!! Both of the sperm were dead. My wife and I were devastated but we also questioned the results because of having to do the test at home. We scheduled an appointment with a specialist (dr Brody) at the University of Minnesota. First test showed I had normal sperm count but my motility was low and morphology wasn’t good. We had to do another test because the UOM test was so different than the one I did locally. The second test had the same results(dr Brody said many clinics do not know how to correctly take the semen sample and measure it correctly). With the two tests confirming I had normal sperm count, but motility was low and morphology not good, my wife and I tried for another six months on our own. Nothing happened. Once we tried for over a year we went to see a specialist. We tried IUI and the first time we tried the IUI procedure in October 13, we got pregnant. At about 7 weeks we had a miscarriage, even though we saw the heartbeat on the first ultrasound. The doctors said it was likely caused by a chromosomal abnormality. My wife and I were devestated. After waiting a few months we starting trying again. 6 more IUIs and nothing happens. My wife and I went to see a world renowned specialist in infertility. The doctor diagnosed my wife as having PCOS and outlined exactly what we had to do. The doctor put my wife on metformin and other drugs I cannot recall and he cleared out her Fallopian tubes with a procedure he has perfected. To help my end, remember I had low motility, I started taking “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” (all three bottles). Long story short my motility numbers did increase on Mega Sperm Booster. During our last IUI try my motility was 50 percent. Most of the time before Mega Sperm Booster. it was between 20
And 30 percent.

Unfortunately, even after getting my motility to 50 percent, we didn’t get pregnant. The next options for us were to try on our own or try IVF. We could not afford to try IVF at the time and my wife is still relatively young so the doctor said we should keep trying on our own and then decide if we want to save up the money for the IVF. I continued to take Mega Sperm Booster., along with multi vitamin pills, and my wife decided to take plexus. Bottom line, in October of 2015, exactly two years after the first pregnancy, my wife became pregnant. Did my wife get pregnant because I took Mega Sperm Booster. and vitamin pills? Did my wife get pregnant because she starting taking plexus? Did she get pregnant because of all the prayers everyone made? I don’t know. What I do know is if you have read this entire review, you are seeking possible answers as to why you and your significant other are not able to get pregnant. Is Mega Sperm Booster and prayer the answer? Maybe, just maybe, it is for you just as they were for us. In closing, I wanted to highlight for you, in case you are on the fence, what I know for a fact Mega Sperm Booster did for me.
Home sperm test: no results because it doesn’t measure sperm count under 20 percent.
2nd sperm test: 2 sperm found and both were dead.
3rd sperm test with specialist: normal sperm count. Low motility and abnormal morphology.
4th sperm test with specialist: same results as 3rd test.
1st IUI works but my wife has a miscarriage.
Started IUIs again and my motility went down each time.
Started Mega Sperm Booster  along with multi vitamin pills: motility gradually rose to 50 percent on my last IUI.
Three months after stopping with IUIs but staying on Mega Sperm Booster with vitamin supplements and my wife started to take plexus, we get a confirmed pregnancy. I hope my story helps you and your significant other.

Resutlts After 32 Days Of Consistent Usage Of Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booste
Porn Stars Who Use This Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booster Say That Women Gladly Cheat On Their Boy Friends With Small Penis Just To Have A Taste Of Thier Long & Fat Dick
This Is A Customer Who Came To Us Crying About His Low Self Esteem Due To Weak Manhood. This Picture Above Is As A Result Of 4 Months Of Using Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booster
The Biggest Porn Stars With Massive Dick Can Testify That Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booster Works Like Wild Fire.

If you do the addition of Stallion Manpower (WORTH N35,000) + Mega Sperm Booster (WORTH N32,000). In total everything will be N79,000 for the 2 in 1 Manpower Activator. This is how much regular customers pay to get it but because it’s your first time patronizing us and we know that all fingers are not equal. We have decided to sell it at lower prices that the average man can afford

But I Have A Sweet Deal For You. 1 bottle of Stallion Manpower goes for N14,500 plus 1 bottle of Stallion Manpower & 1 Mega Sperm Booster goes for N28,500

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We believe in giving our customers a chance to experience the wonders of our product. Our motto is “Use our product once and become a loyal customer for life that will advertise us for free to your friends”. This is our aim, we want you to give us a trial, see the effectiveness of our product, and then come back again while spreading the gospel of how effective our product works.


This Is So Stressful, Expensive And Time Consuming But We Have Made Everything Easy For You And Also Pocket Friendly

I have discussed with the manufacturers risking my money to bring it in at a very much cheaper price for you. You won’t need to spend a fortune and go through stress, wasting time to get it. 

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The results you would get from this book would make your woman scream the next time you enter her. She will immediately feel the transformation of your dick and I bet you she will be confused and asking herself if this is the same dick she has been receiving all this while. Results would be visible with 14 days of using this exercise. 

End that embarrassing small manhood that makes your woman look at you like a baby. Only available to customers who order for gold package


Do Your Know That Having A Big Tummy Kills Your Sexual Performance?

You might be thinking that 4 bottles of beer don’t matter.

You might be thinking that 4 wraps of fufu and egusi soup by 10pm at night will not affect you.

Some people even think junk eating without any form of exercise is nothing but let me tell you how this lifestyle affects sexual performance in men.

When a man has excess fat most especially in the tummy, being overweight lowers your testosterone levels.

Excess body fat, contains an enzyme that tells your body to STOP producing more testosterone.

Testosterone in men is the hormone that is responsible for our sex drive and energy. It is also responsible for achieving our goals and living an active daily lifestyle.

Less testosterone, means a dull and lazy life.

Once the body stops producing more testosterone, we become weak, sluggish, irritable and tired.

With less testosterone, a man won’t be able to hold a solid erection, with this he won’t be able to give his woman the sex he deserves.

Even if he manages to have a small erection, it goes dead in a matter of minutes.

When he tries to climb his woman, he becomes so tired while breathing excessively like he wants to die.

This makes sex with his woman so embarrassing and she begins to look at him as an example of failure as a man.

Imagine a weak man who can’t perform in bed or even have the energy to pursue his dreams because of excess body fat.

So this is how excess fat most especially in the stomach kills sexual performance.

Now if you fall into this category, it’s not the end of the world but  what can you do to start solving the issue?

In addition to getting the silver and gold package of Stallion Manpower, you will get a Fat Shed & General Body Detox guide that will show you how to start losing at least 2kg every week.

This guide will show you tested and proven Aryuvedic Teas that you can prepare in your kitchen to start shedding fat while you sleep. You can get the ingredients of this Aryuvedic Teas in the market so it’s very implementable.

Secondly, it will show you 5 exercises that you can do in your parlour to start burning  excess body fat and boosting your testosterone levels for amazing super sex.

This exercise doesn’t require you to lift heavy weights or register in an expensive gym. 

You just have do it for 30 minutes everyday to see results. The key is to be very consistent.

Plus you will learn some simple lifestyle changes you can start now to lose excess weight, boost your body’s  production of testosterone and boost your general health and well being.

This  “Daily Fat Shed & General Body Detox guide” is only available to people who get the Gold Package.


Erectile dysfunction — the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for sex — is common in men who have diabetes, especially those with type 2 diabetes. It can stem from damage to nerves and blood vessels caused by poor long-term blood sugar control.


Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to other conditions common in men with diabetes, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Erectile dysfunction might occur earlier in men with diabetes than in men without the disease. Difficulty maintaining an erection might even precede the diabetes diagnosis.

Having erectile dysfunction can be a real challenge. It can leave you and your partner feeling frustrated and discouraged. Take steps to cope with erectile dysfunction — and get your sex life back on track.

This guide will show you a tested and trusted guide that will show you how to control that excess body sugar and normalize it for good

This  “Suger Controll Guide” is only available to people who get the Gold Package.

The recommended dosage that will give you a lasting and permanent solution to that embarrassing penis wahala is the Gold package.


this will also be delivered to wherever   wherever you are in Nigeria.

I can assure you that using this “2 in 1 Manpower Activator”, is your surest way of getting rid of premature ejaculation and having explosive sex. 

It starts working instantly. In fact, it is recommended that you take it as your regular aphrodisiac anytime you want to have sex.

I know you might be scared that this might not work for you due to your experience with other herbal remedies. 

Well, let me secure your money and take the risk myself. If you use this “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” the formula for at least 30 days and you don’t see results or you are not satisfied, call me or send me a message to the number that would be boldly written on the product label.

Asking for a refund I’ll give you a 100%refund and I will willingly, and without argument give you back your money, full payment, no arguments and you can also keep the product to yourself.

BUT NOTE: This Package I’m Offering To The General Public Is Still Not For Everyone That Means Not All Would Get It. I Am Only Willing To Sell This Product To 20 People Who Are Tired Of That Embarrassing Premature Ejaculation And Also Want To Desperately Want To Enjoy Their Sex Lives Again With Their Partners.

Over 15,000 People Will Read This Letter But I Will Sell To 20 Because This Is The Number I Can Take Care Of Without Problems. Once I Hit The 20 Mark, I Will Stop Taking Orders Even If You Throw Money At Me. 

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Ever since I started taking Stallion Manpower and Mega Sperm booster my sexual confidence has increased. Before I go dey fear to touch women because my penis could not rise, but now ehn…..na fire for fire.


I fuck them well. My dick is hard enough to satisfy two women at the same time. They get wet and scream my name asking me to deliver more.


I bought the N150,000 package and I don’t regret it. I am a rich man and I want to enjoy sex because you only have one life to leave. I will advice you to go for the N150,000 package because it is cost effective and you will enjoy it.


Mr. Adams.

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See ehn…before now my libido was bad. Anytime my woman wanted sex, I was never in the mood. She tried all her best to make me want to fuck her but it did not work. This was my case until I stumbled on Mega Sperm booster and Stallion.


 I started taking this herbal and since then, penis gets super hard anytime, any day. This is me and my babe in the car. My penis was hard and she was in the mood. I just decided to start massaging her wet pussy with my fingers so she can get wet and ready for me. 6 bottles of Stallion & 6 bottles of Mega Sperm booster Is what I got. N150,000 well spent and my sexual game has never remained the same. If you want your woman to get wet for you tonight, order today.


Mr. Eric.

Ever Since I Started Taking Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booster Women Open Their Pussy Wide For Me!

Before now, if I told a girl that I wanted to fuck her, she will close her legs telling me that my dick doesn’t work or she was not in the mood. This was because she lost all respect for me due to my weak erection and impotence. Stallion Manpower and Mega Sperma booster have changed the game now.


Now, my dick is long and hard. It makes them open thier legs for me to to fuck her till I release. What I did was that I just closed my eyes to order for the 6 bottles of Stallion & 6 bottles of Mega Sperm booster. It worked very well for me. Anytime I’m traveling I just carry it along in case I jam one of my many side chicks, I always deliver. See how I poured my hot sperm on her wet toto.

Mr. Jerkins.

If You Want To Enjoy Sex, Take Stallion!

Sex with my woman is now amazing. This stallion works well. We have nasty sex now that makes my woman worship me. As a man, you need Stallion Manpower in your life. It will help you enjoy sex and perform well in bed.


But Let Me Warn You…

Ignoring This Offer And Calling It BS Could Be Detrimental To Your Sexual Life. You Might Not Take That Premature Ejaculation Or Weak Manhood or Low Sperm Count Coupled With Small Penis Seriously Simply Because Your Woman Is Not Complaining. 

For The Fact That She Is Not Complaining About It Does Not Mean She Is Stupid, She Knows What She Is Doing. Women Are Like Time Bombs, The Day They Explode Could Be Fatal.

Ignoring That Problem Puts You At Risk Of Losing Your Woman To Another Stronger Man Who Could Drill The heck Out Of Her Vegina In Bed Due To His Large Manhood And Go Multiple Rounds Of Sex Giving Her Endless Orgasms With Reckless Abandon. She might not leave you but trust me, she will be eating your money while getting wet for another man.

Ladies Love Sex Too, And I Literally Seen Women Go To The Extreme To Get Hot Sex Even If It Means Cheating On Their Husband. Ladies Lose The Respect They Have For Any Man Once They Notice That He Cannot Sexually Satisfy Them….Do Not Be That Man.

If You Truly Love Your Woman And Want To Make her Happy In Everything, Even In Bed, Do Not Ignore This Offer.

Am sure you are wise enough to make a change by placing your order, it’s not by force but only the wise man who loves his wife would take action NOW not Tomorrow but NOW…..Am sure you are wise.




587 cedi

Normal PRICE = 800 cedi

SAVE = N30,000



1 bottles of stallion manpower + 1 bottle of MEGA SPERM BOOSTer

750 cedi

Normal PRICE = 900 cedi

SAVE = N80,000


complete 2 bottles stallion manpower + 2 bottles mega sperm booster treatment



1500 cedi

Normal PRICE = 1700 cedi

SAVE = N70,000





THIS IS FOR MEN WHO in depth treatment for low sperm count and dead manpower issues that has lasted for a very long time despite numerous treatment

2,500 cedi

Normal PRICE = 3000 cedi

SAVE = N50,000


Delivery Time: 1-3 Working Days 

Our Customer Care Will Call You Within 24hrs After You Place Your Order.

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