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Has having a soft “micro-penis” made you struggle with low self esteem as a man?

Do you feel inadequate or incomplete as a man because of having a “vegetable penis”?

Do you dread the thought of having sex with a woman because of the fear of embarrassment due to having a penis that cannot achieve erection?

Do you have problems with penetrating your woman due to having severe erectile dysfunction or does your woman complain that she does not feel anything anytime you penetrate her?

Has this “vegetable-penis” been a source of anxiety and depression?

Has having a vegetable penis affected your relationship to the point that your woman is looking outside for sexual satisfaction?

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Performing your duty as a man by giving your woman “Stratospheric Super Hot Sex” that would give her multiple orgasms and also make her beg for more involves 2 important factors.

 A manhood so hard and long to the point that it penetrates your lovers sensitive “Love Tunnel” touching all her sensitive spots and secondly also serves her back to back, nonstop without slacking for at least 15 minutes or even more.


If you can have these 2 things, take my word. Your woman will literally open her legs and beg you to penetrate her on a daily basis. Even if she breaks up with you in future, she will never get over that impressive manhood and will always compare her present lover’s penis with yours. In fact she might be tempted to cheat on him with you due to the size and strength of your manhood.


But it’s a pity that most men nowadays can’t even last 5 minutes in bed due to premature ejaculation and also their vegetable manhood (a penis that cannot achieve and hold an erection)  is nothing to write home about. In fact during sex, after just 5 thrusting’s, you are already ejaculating, meanwhile your woman is just getting warmed up. 

You wish to continue, you just want to live up to the hype you gave yourself and give her that thunder sex that will blow her away but no way, heck your manhood is already flat and too small to satisfy her. She sucks, she romances but all to no avail.

Due to this situation your wife goes to bed angry, frustrated and sexually unsatisfied and there is nothing she or you can do about it.veh

I can bet that this is how critical the situation is for most Nigerian couples.

Premature Ejaculation and erectile dysfunction  can destroy a man’s home and marriage for life even if he has money and spends like an Alhaji. The woman might stick around for the money you give her but she will open her legs wide for the driver that has big penis and knows how to fuck for hours un-end. 


Many women out of frustration and anger have called their husband “Impotent” to their face simply because they have failed to satisfy them sexually in bed.

Statistics Have Proven That 60% Of Divorce Cases Are Due To The Fact That The Man Failed To Satisfy The Woman In Bed Which Leads To Her Boldly Cheating On Her Husband Without Regrets Or Remorse Because She Desperately Wants To Orgasm.

Divorces Are On The High Side And Many Women Are Looking For Alternative Sources Just To Experience An Orgasm. They Want To Orgasm So Badly That They Have Resulted To Using Cucumber And Dildos To Satisfy Themselves Even Though They Have A Man In Their Life.

This Is Because Their Men Are Unable To Satisfy Them In Bed Due To A Erectile Dysfunction And Lack Of Sexual Stamina.

LET ME BLOW YOU AWAY….. There are even websites where married women pay fortunes to gigolos to have sex with them i.e a one night stand, and they come out joyous and happy.

Your woman might not do this because she is a virtuous woman but I can bet that she is secretly being tempted to test other guys so she can experience what it feels like to have an orgasm from a big black cock. 


She is even praying to God to change your situation so she can enjoy a happy sex life.

Premature Ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration. It happens with minimal sexual stimulation and before the person wishes. This is because the penis becomes super sensitive to penetrate for an extended period of time.

 It can be so bad that you wish to go at least 15 minutes and probably 2 to 3 rounds of marathon sex but you can’t just help it to the point that you release within just 3 -4 thrusts during penetration.

This may result in unsatisfactory sex for both partners. This can also increase the anxiety that may add to the problem. It is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction. It has probably affected every man at some point in his life.

Premature Ejaculation could be caused by anxiety especially when your wife expects good sex from you and she is already complaining. The anxiety that comes by just wanting to please her and avoid the naggings of a sexually frustrated woman could also cause premature ejaculation.

Stress from work, alcohol, tobacco, an injury or maybe a medication you are taking could also be the cause of this premature ejaculation.

Furthermore, some people are born with a penis that is naturally small. This small penis can affect your sexual life because it is not fat and long enough to stimulate your wife’s love tunnel so she can experience an orgasm.

It takes a huge and strong penis to give a woman an orgasm. In fact according to a professor Mrs.Debby Herbaneck, PhD

Women Prefer To Use Vibrators, Cucumbers And Dildos To Masturbate Because They Are Strong And Long En0ugh To Reach Areas Where A SMALL, vegetable Penis Can Never Reach So They Can Experience An Orgasm.

Therefore if you have a soft and weak penis , you can never satisfy your woman, she might be pretending to be you but deep down she wishes you had it STRONG and could go an extra 10 minutes.

I do not say this for saying sake, I have been there too. Mr. Kazeem had experienced premature ejaculation and I had a very SEVERE erectile dysfunction that could not even last up to 5 minutes in bed. My wife was complaining bitterly claiming I was selfish and only cared about myself. 

I wanted to go on, but I couldn’t help it. My penis was flat as a slippers. It was so bad that my wife would burst out crying when I couldn’t satisfy her in bed.

Due to this sad development, I knew I needed to do something about it or one day I would start hearing ugly stories of my wife going to find sexual satisfaction from another man. I tried a lot of things, I even used drugs like Viagra but they didn’t work for me. Out of desperation I told a trusted friend about my predicament and he introduced me to a herbal package that performed wonders in my sexual life.

See, before I couldn’t last up to 5 minutes, in fact after 10 thrusting I had released sperm but once I started using this herbal formula, my penis became less sensitive and within days I was gradually drilling my wife much longer than usual….and damn she was enjoying it.

It not only made me last longer, my penis became bigger and longer to the point that I had to stop using it at a point because my wife could not take it any longer. She was so amazed at this development that she would continually thank me after sex and took it upon herself to prepare “Ofe Nsala” for me which is my favorite because she enjoyed the sex.

My sexual life has tremendously improved, thanks to this herbal formula I’m about to show you.

Therefore Are You That Man Who Is Currently Being Frustrated By Premature Ejaculation And A Small Penis Size?

Do You Want To Have A Huge Manhood And Last For At Least 15 Minutes Or More During Sex So You Can Give Your Wife Multiple Orgasms?

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 Stallion Manpower (For Premature Ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and weak libido) + Mega Sperm Booster (For boosting your body’s production of sperm making fertile enough to impregnate your woman)

This 2 in 1 sexual enhancement formula is your quick fix for Premature Ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count & loss of libido. How do I know this? You may ask. I wholeheartedly recommend this package to you because I have used it and it worked for me and many others who I know. I will never play on your intelligence by sharing with you what does not work. Many men in Nigeria have used it and have many testimonies to show for it.

You don’t have to leave your woman frustrated and angry due to lack of sexual satisfaction, let this 2 in 1 sexual enhancement formula help you solve that problem once and for all and put a smile on your wife’s face after every round of sex, leaving her sweating and asking for more.

In fact, I guarantee you that you will see dramatic results within just 60 days or less of usage. 


Now Let Me Show You How Each Of These 2 In 1 Sexual Enhancement Formula Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life

  • Stallion Manpower Herbal Mix contains a powerful herb called “Ashwagandha” that helps the body manage stress. Stress causes premature ejaculation but this herb will lower your body’s 
  • stress levels and give you sexual stamina by making you last longer in bed. No more 5 minutes sex.
  • Stallion Manpower contains “Nutmeg Powder” which contains aphrodisiac properties that increases your hunger for sex with your woman. It increases your libido making you horny when it comes to having sex with your lover. Your libido will increase and you will always be in the mood for hot sex, ready to fire.

  • Stallion Manpower contains a herb called ‘Shilajit” that helps strengthens the penis making it turgid and alive during sex. It eliminates flaccid penis, making it hard enough to give your woman multiple stratospheric orgasm.
  • Stallion Manpower also contains a herb called “Utangan” that reduces over sensitivity of the penis, eliminating premature ejaculation. It will help you gradually increase your sex drive duration.
  • It increases your sexual stamina and strengthens you to the point that you can go multiple rounds of sex without quitting. With this, your wife will be the one begging you to stop penetrating her because she can’t take it anymore. You will become the boss man.

Mega Sperm Booster is proven to improve sperm quality and motility in men because it contains a sperm booster herb called Maca Herbal Root

This means if you are having Low Sperm Count, you will notice that your sperm would become full and thick like yogurt. 

You will notice that the sperm will become thick and full enough to impregnate a woman.

Improves Sperm Viscosity & Motility:

This treatment improves the thickness and the range of the sperm making it mobile enough to fertilize the eggs. Helps treat and correct azoospermia and oligospermia.

Mega Sperm Booster Makes Your Watery Sperm Fertile Enough To Impregnate A Woman: If you are planning or working towards getting your woman pregnant and having a child, this is a booster you want to go for. While Stallion Manpower gives you the strength to perform in bed, this Mega Sperm Booster makes your sexual performance yield results by getting your wife pregnant. 

Instead of releasing ordinary water that cannot get your wife pregnant, you will be releasing thick and quaility sperm inside her. One solid drop, and the next thing she is pregnant. So if you want a child this year, you should add this to your treatment.

    • This oil is formulated using Clove Oil which helps thicken the penis. This oil has the potential to double the size of your manhood in 60 days or less. It is very effective for penis enlargement.
    • It contains an Indian herb called “Bhimsaini  Kapoor” that when absorbed by the penis skin, doubles the growth process of the penis and also elongates it, With an elongated penis, you will be able to hit your wives clitoris with each thrusts making her experience multiple orgasms while she sweats and screams your name. I have used it and my manhood has a very intimidating size.


    • It also contain “Tin Oil” that also provides nutritional benefits that helps sexual health such as vitamin B1 and vitamin E.
    • To get best results using this “Big Daddy Penis Enlargement Gel”, you need to use 3 bottles of the gel to see noticeable results.

Now Let Me Show You How Each Of These 2 In 1 Sexual Enhancement Formula Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life

This Can Be Your Story Too..

2 in 1 Manpower Activator Puts Me In The Mood For Super Sex.


I’m a professional porn star and due to the demands of my porn business, I need to always bring my A-game all the time. Anytime I am scheduled to have a sexual performance, I just take Stallion Manpower and I use the Big Daddy Penis Enlargement gel to massage my penis everyday. To get my size of penis, I used Big Daddy penis enlargement gel for over 3 months. I also use consistently and the result is what you see above. I fuck like a machine and every girl that tastes my penis will never remain the same. I recommend this 2 in 1  Manpower activator to any man that wants to fuck well.


Anytime I Take This 2 In 1 Manpower Activator, I Fuck Like A Pornstar.

Before now, my sexual performance was nothing to write home about. I have lost so many girlfriends simply because I could not fuck well. But when I started using this 2 in 1 manpower activator, my sex game became fire. In fact 2 mins after taking it, my penis will be hard as a cucumber looking for a soft and wet pussy to pound. Now I can have sex with women back to back and satisfy them. I give Stallion Manpower, Mega Sperm booster a 10/10. 

Mr. Caleb


Now I Can Fuck My Babe For 30 Minutes Plus Without Getting Soft!

I can really say for sure that my sex game has improved. Anytime I want to have sex, I take Stallion Manpower and the sex has been crazy. My babe can ride me for 30 minutes plus and my penis will still be super hard and asking for more. Stallion Manpower is the best no doubt 


I had been plagued with premature ejaculation since my university days. I have tried so many products, promising extra large manhood but non of them worked. 

Some of them even gave me nasty skin reactions and I would end up dumping them even though I spent a lot of money to buy them. 

But ever since I used this Stallion Manpower Aphrodisiac, I have finally killed premature ejaculation. Thank God I married a woman who loves sex, that means we go back to back all night long. No slacking, no tiredness, no loss of libido…..I’m a sexual soldier now. My penis is longer and fatter because I never stopped using the Big Daddy Penis enlargment gel.

Tunde Fakunle (Lagos State, Nigeria)


Stallion Manpower make sense die. I fully recommend. You get full value for your money.


I swear your body go tell you.


Stallion Manpower is the truth. See dick. Now all my babes are catching feelings because of my massive dick.

I just took Stallion Erection booster this morning. I didn’t masturbate for like one week because I want my Sperm to build up.

Can’t wait to feed my dick to someone’s daughter.


My nick name now is “Odinaka Tatata” because I Dey knack pussy well.

Ever since I started taking Stallion Manpower this is how sex has been. Sex has been crazy and I am having a good time.

Stallion Manpower God bless you.


“This is the first time this year that I have lasted for at least 15 minutes. This particular girl used to post me anytime I invited her over due to my weak erection but today, I am fucking her like the man that I am and she has been calling me daddy since that. Stallion Manpower Complete Formula is working like crazy. Thanks boss”


I’ve never seen anything like this  Stallion Manpower Complete Formula. I took it in the morning before going to the gym and my dick has not calm down since. Girls just using style to look at my dick. One is following me home now to taste it. I swear to God, Stallion Manpower Complete Formula works.


This is 5:30 am and and my dick is as hard as this. Before my wife goes to work, I am giving her at least 2 rounds. She must cum back to back. Before she used to yab me that I can last for ordinary 2 minutes but recently she goes to bed happy because I deliver steady. Thanks to Stallion Manpower Complete Formula.


I bought Stallion Manpower from the USA. I needed a strong African herb that can help me perform well because I’m a porn star and I need to stay solid.

I guess this Stallion Manpower is working well, this girl is giving me a crazy blowjob that wants to drive me crazy.

I give Stallion Manpower full 5-star.


This babe you are seeing is a babe I once had sex with 2 years ago. She said she can never have sex with me again because she didn’t enjoy it. This girl abused me, called my dick “softie” because I couldn’t hold erection.

Fast forward to a year later, I took Stallion manpower. I invited her over, and one thing led to another, I fucked her well.

That day, I gave her doggy, grabbed her bone straight hair from the back while I was lashing her.

She called me daddy, her pussy was so creamy. Stallion Manpower makes a man turn to a sex machine.

Today anytime she is hungry for my dick, she sends me pictures like this.

Something must to kill a man, I go fuck this babe tire and Stallion Manpower will help me.


5am in the morning at a hotel in Lekki with my babe. This is me in full performance mode, and this is my babe taking my solid dick.

Wetin cause am?

Na Stallion Manpower! You want to perform like me, get your own packs now.

If you like ignore, that one concern you, if another man begin dey knack your babe no come cry for my side…lol.

Thank you Stallion Manpower. Long live Stallion Sperm Booster, Long live Stallion Erection Booster.


I’m a 45 years old man and this is my Stallion Manpower package. My wife is in the bathroom taking her bath and getting ready for me.

Before now, I was loosing my sexual stamina. Within 30 seconds I have released and my girl was not happy. Once I release all my sexual urge will die.

But since I started taking Stallion Erection booster and mixing it with Stallion Sperm Booster my prick don turn to machine.

I’m giving my wife different styles, and she likes when she is twerking on top of my solid dick. Stallion Manpower works like mad.

Thanks bro. I’m ordering again for my guys by next week. Plus my own just finished because I have been having sex like everyday and I no Dey tire.

I’m ordering for the N80,000 package.


My morning erection no be joke.

My babe just got pregnant last week. I have been drinking Stallion Manpower like say na water.I was trying to get my girlfriend pregnant that’s why I bought it.

In the morning, once I wake I take both Stallion Erection Booster, plus Stallion Sperm Booster.

It makes me fuck my babe till she squirts all over the bed. Every day she dey wash bedsheets because my dick satisfies her. Stallion Manpower works mehn.

No hype. Get this product and I promise you that your babe go carry belle fast.


This is 2pm in the afternoon at work, and this is my dick.

I’ve been taking Stallion Manpower for 2 days now and my dick can’t wait to enter a wet pussy.

I don book hookup with one of my babe, tonight is night. I’ll fuck her till she splashing 💦💦💦 on me.

I specifically invited this my babe because she can take long big prick, she no Dey cry. Tonight she will suck my dick long and hard.

If you are a guy and you are not taking Stallion Manpower then you are missing something.

These Are Testimonials Of People Who Used Mega Sperm Booster & Saw Massive Positive Results


Its A Miracle Worker

I am always skeptical of reviews and almost never write any but this… I have to!

My wife and I have been married for well over a year now. On the surface, we pretended like we were fine and not in a hurry but we tried every month and nothing happened. Deep down, I suspected something was wrong but never went for testing. I didn’t want to have any reason to be sad or down. We kept on trying for six months until I got frustrated one day, saw this Mega Sperm Booster  and bought it. After the first month, we expected a miracle and nothing actually happened. It was really frustrating and we almost thought it was all a ruse, the drugs and reviews. However, for whatever reasons, I got all another set of Mega Sperm Booster just to be consistent.  

We were only about a week into the new bottles when she started complaining of nausea. Nothing clicked in my head at all until Boxing Day. While we unboxed our Christmas Gifts, she asked me to wait, that there was a gift she forgot to drop by the tree for me. I opened the small box and behold, I saw a baby cloth and a ClearBlue strip that says she is pregnant! Undoubtedly my best Christmas gift EVER and I can’t believe it. She’s gone to a clinic to confirm via blood and the result confirmed it!


My Sperm Has Changed

Okay, where do I start ?.. I don’t ever and I mean ever review anything online because everything is mostly crap or it doesn’t work. It took me 2 and half months to even review this product. So me taking my time to review this product means a lot. So let’s talk about this product and my history. I have been trying to have kids for the past 6 or 7 years now. The doctor diagnosed me with low sperm count. I tried everything I kind of gave up. few months ago I was on the phone with one of my buddies and the subject of kids came up. I told him i have low sperm count and it’s hard for me to have kids. Then he told me about this pills. I told him to send me the link and so he did. I read the reviews and I was very skeptical about it. But it doesn’t hurt to try it since My wife and I been trying everything . One more product shouldn’t hurt. He told me to order the whole 3 package. The Stallion Manpower – Mega Sperm Booster  and I did. I took the recommended dose for about a month and half At this point I was traveling to the United States for work and I left my wife in Nigeria . So I took all 3  for about month and half before going back to Nigeria to see my wife. The good news was she just got off her period the week I go back when she was ovulating as well ..I have to say WOW. The very first week she got pregnant. My Sperm is different now. There’s a lot and much more thicker and white. Compared to the clear and small amount I used to have. Now we are 5 weeks pregnant and I can’t thank my friend enough for recommending this product to me. Thank you so much. To those struggling with infertility please try this product. IT REALLY WORKS .


If you are like me and you are trying to get pregnant with your wife/girl friend, you are probably frustrated as to why things are not working out like you planned. During the three years plus my wife and I were trying to get pregnant we saw so many couples who got pregnant, many of whom didn’t even try to get pregnant. I am hoping my story can give you some hope and maybe you can try what my wife and I did.
Here is the story of what my wife and I went through. We decided in June of 2012 we were going to try and have a baby. Nothing happens in the first six months and since I had a hydrocele surgery when I was 18 we decided to get a sperm test done. First was an online test (word of advice, don’t do it) and it showed I had less than 20 percent sperm count. We went to a local sperm clinic to get another sperm test done. Because of time constraints I had to do the test at home and my wife dropped the semen sample off. The test showed I had two sperm!!! Both of the sperm were dead. My wife and I were devastated but we also questioned the results because of having to do the test at home. We scheduled an appointment with a specialist (dr Brody) at the University of Minnesota. First test showed I had normal sperm count but my motility was low and morphology wasn’t good. We had to do another test because the UOM test was so different than the one I did locally. The second test had the same results(dr Brody said many clinics do not know how to correctly take the semen sample and measure it correctly). With the two tests confirming I had normal sperm count, but motility was low and morphology not good, my wife and I tried for another six months on our own. Nothing happened. Once we tried for over a year we went to see a specialist. We tried IUI and the first time we tried the IUI procedure in October 13, we got pregnant. At about 7 weeks we had a miscarriage, even though we saw the heartbeat on the first ultrasound. The doctors said it was likely caused by a chromosomal abnormality. My wife and I were devestated. After waiting a few months we starting trying again. 6 more IUIs and nothing happens. My wife and I went to see a world renowned specialist in infertility. The doctor diagnosed my wife as having PCOS and outlined exactly what we had to do. The doctor put my wife on metformin and other drugs I cannot recall and he cleared out her Fallopian tubes with a procedure he has perfected. To help my end, remember I had low motility, I started taking “2 in 1 Manpower Activator” (all three bottles). Long story short my motility numbers did increase on Mega Sperm Booster. During our last IUI try my motility was 50 percent. Most of the time before Mega Sperm Booster. it was between 20
And 30 percent.

Unfortunately, even after getting my motility to 50 percent, we didn’t get pregnant. The next options for us were to try on our own or try IVF. We could not afford to try IVF at the time and my wife is still relatively young so the doctor said we should keep trying on our own and then decide if we want to save up the money for the IVF. I continued to take Mega Sperm Booster., along with multi vitamin pills, and my wife decided to take plexus. Bottom line, in October of 2015, exactly two years after the first pregnancy, my wife became pregnant. Did my wife get pregnant because I took Mega Sperm Booster. and vitamin pills? Did my wife get pregnant because she starting taking plexus? Did she get pregnant because of all the prayers everyone made? I don’t know. What I do know is if you have read this entire review, you are seeking possible answers as to why you and your significant other are not able to get pregnant. Is Mega Sperm Booster and prayer the answer? Maybe, just maybe, it is for you just as they were for us. In closing, I wanted to highlight for you, in case you are on the fence, what I know for a fact Mega Sperm Booster did for me.
Home sperm test: no results because it doesn’t measure sperm count under 20 percent.
2nd sperm test: 2 sperm found and both were dead.
3rd sperm test with specialist: normal sperm count. Low motility and abnormal morphology.
4th sperm test with specialist: same results as 3rd test.
1st IUI works but my wife has a miscarriage.
Started IUIs again and my motility went down each time.
Started Mega Sperm Booster  along with multi vitamin pills: motility gradually rose to 50 percent on my last IUI.
Three months after stopping with IUIs but staying on Mega Sperm Booster with vitamin supplements and my wife started to take plexus, we get a confirmed pregnancy. I hope my story helps you and your significant other.

Now How Much Can You Get This Stallion Manpower & Mega Sperm Booster Herbal 2 in 1 formula?

As a matter of fact, this 2 in 1 package is super scarce in the market and frigging expensive. You can’t get it in any store as of now in Nigeria. It’s a herbal formula that has to be brought in from overseas. In fact, to pace an order from the manufactures could be so expensive. Stallion Manpower goes for a whooping N25,000 and Mega Sperm Booster goes for N27,000 and you will also need to pay N5,000 for shipping. Even after this payment you would have to wait for a week for it to arrive in lagos, then you would go pick it from the agent.

This Is So Stressful, Expensive And Time Consuming But We Have Made Everything Easy For You And Also Pocket Friendly

I have discussed with the manufacturers risking my money to bring it in at a very much cheaper price for you. You won’t need to spend a fortune and go through stress, wasting time to get it. 

I will give you 2 purchasing options.





Normal PRICE = N60,000

SAVE = N30,000



1 bottles of stallion manpower + 1 bottle of MEGA SPERM BOOSTer


Normal PRICE = N60,000

SAVE = N80,000


complete 2 bottles stallion manpower + 2 bottles mega sperm booster treatment




Normal PRICE = N120,000

SAVE = N70,000





THIS IS FOR MEN WHO in depth treatment for low sperm count and dead manpower issues that has lasted for a very long time despite numerous treatment


Normal PRICE = N200,000

SAVE = N50,000

Which Package Should I Order For Best Results.

Big Daddy Penis enalargement gel is not a miracle treatment, neither is it an overnight miracle. To see best results for an enlarged penis,it is required that you order for the 3 months treatment which is 3 bottles of both Stallion Manpower and Big Daddy Penis enlargement gel. 

This is so that you can use it for an extended period of time without stopping to see the bst results. Using just one bottle will not give you the type of results you want but it is available incase youy just want to start the treatment but if you want tangible result order for the 3 months treatment.

10 Tested & Proven Foods To Eat For Improved Sexual Performance.

Do you know that your sex life and sexual performance is a clear result of what you eat? If you see a man who lasts longer than usual giving his woman explosive orgasms on a daily basis, check his diet.

Also if you see a man who loses erection within 60 seconds of sex with his woman, lacks sex drive and easily gets tired when it comes to having sex with his woman, check what he puts into his body in the name of food.

Your daily diet is a very important factor when it comes to having a healthy sex life and this book called “Explosive Sex Diet” will show you just exactly what to eat to be able to have maximum performance in bed. 

It will also show you exact food to avoid that depreciates your sex drive, and kills your manly erection. This book is a must have for every man who is tired of disapointing his partner when it comes to sex. Only available to customers who order for gold package


Do Your Know That Having A Big Tummy Kills Your Sexual Performance?

You might be thinking that 4 bottles of beer don’t matter.

You might be thinking that 4 wraps of fufu and egusi soup by 10pm at night will not affect you.

Some people even think junk eating without any form of exercise is nothing but let me tell you how this lifestyle affects sexual performance in men.

When a man has excess fat most especially in the tummy, being overweight lowers your testosterone levels.

Excess body fat, contains an enzyme that tells your body to STOP producing more testosterone.

Testosterone in men is the hormone that is responsible for our sex drive and energy. It is also responsible for achieving our goals and living an active daily lifestyle.

Less testosterone, means a dull and lazy life.

Once the body stops producing more testosterone, we become weak, sluggish, irritable and tired.

With less testosterone, a man won’t be able to hold a solid erection, with this he won’t be able to give his woman the sex he deserves.

Even if he manages to have a small erection, it goes dead in a matter of minutes.

When he tries to climb his woman, he becomes so tired while breathing excessively like he wants to die.

This makes sex with his woman so embarrassing and she begins to look at him as an example of failure as a man.

Imagine a weak man who can’t perform in bed or even have the energy to pursue his dreams because of excess body fat.

So this is how excess fat most especially in the stomach kills sexual performance.

Now if you fall into this category, it’s not the end of the world but  what can you do to start solving the issue?

In addition to getting the silver and gold package of Stallion Manpower, you will get a Fat Shed & General Body Detox guide that will show you how to start losing at least 2kg every week.

This guide will show you tested and proven Aryuvedic Teas that you can prepare in your kitchen to start shedding fat while you sleep. You can get the ingredients of this Aryuvedic Teas in the market so it’s very implementable.

Secondly, it will show you 5 exercises that you can do in your parlour to start burning  excess body fat and boosting your testosterone levels for amazing super sex.

This exercise doesn’t require you to lift heavy weights or register in an expensive gym. 

You just have do it for 30 minutes everyday to see results. The key is to be very consistent.

Plus you will learn some simple lifestyle changes you can start now to lose excess weight, boost your body’s  production of testosterone and boost your general health and well being.

This  “Daily Fat Shed & General Body Detox guide” is only available to people who get the Gold Package.


Erectile dysfunction — the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for sex — is common in men who have diabetes, especially those with type 2 diabetes. It can stem from damage to nerves and blood vessels caused by poor long-term blood sugar control.


Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to other conditions common in men with diabetes, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Erectile dysfunction might occur earlier in men with diabetes than in men without the disease. Difficulty maintaining an erection might even precede the diabetes diagnosis.

Having erectile dysfunction can be a real challenge. It can leave you and your partner feeling frustrated and discouraged. Take steps to cope with erectile dysfunction — and get your sex life back on track.

This guide will show you a tested and trusted guide that will show you how to control that excess body sugar and normalize it for good

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