Thanks For Your Order, You Will Receive A Call Shortly From Our Customer Care


If you are very serious about having a child of your own this 2024 then back your faith up with action by, kindly help us make your delivery  by paying N2500 for the delivery.


This money will be used to pay dispatch to bring it for you. Dispatch collects N5,000 for delivery.


But we will  subsidize it by paying N2,500 while you pay the remaining N2,500. This is our own little way of making the delivery fast and easy.


We are also doing this because someone placed an order and we paid  over  N5,000 to the dispatch who was to deliver to him only for the person to say he traveled when the dispatch rider was at his bus stop.


I was heartbroken because people were taking advantage of my kindness. Wasting our fuel, time and resources by ordering for this product when they know they are not financially ready to receive it. 


Now the fuel situation in Nigeria is expensive and so dispatch rider cannot afford to waste fuel to deliver just based on word of mouth only to cancel the order when the dispatch is close to them.


The delivery guy drove from Lagos to Ibadan, under the hot sun. I had to pay him with my money so it won’t look like slavery and wickedness.


I hope you understand.


Giving this discount and asking for just N2,500 should not be a hard thing for someone who is serious and financially ready to get the treatment. 


I will not run away because of N2,500.


To order, simply pay N2500 to the account below for delivery.


Bank: GTB

Account Name: Mega Life Global Solutions 

Account Number: 0677932755


Once you do that, send a screenshot of your payment to our customer care on whatsapp then fill the form below with your delivery details.


Or chat me on WhatsApp 


Once it is confirmed see it, your order will get to you within 24hrs maximums and you can start using it as soon as possible.


I’m praying to God that you share your testimony too.





Ready to make get treatment, you can make a simple bank transfer to the following bank details below:

Bank: GTB

Account Name: Mega Life Global Solutions 

Account Number: 0677932755

AFTER PAYMENT: (Or Having Payment Issues Of Have Questions) Once you do this, you can send a WhatsApp message with a screenshot of your proof of payment.

After payment is confirmed you can fill the form below.

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