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Arthritis Can Eventually Make You Cripple But Herbal Scientists Have Discovered A Powerful Formula That Can Help You Live A Pain Free Life Again.

Do You Suffer From Severe Pains, Swellings And Stiffness Around Your Joints And Muscle Areas Due To Arthritis?

Do you experience a sharp pain in your lower back anytime you get up from your seat?

Has These Pains Affected The Quality Of Your Life Preventing You From Doing Simple Things Like Bending Down To Pick An Object, Standing, Walking, And Running?

Do You Want To Eliminate That Arthritis Pain And Live A Pain Free Life Again?

If Your Answer To These Questions Is  A Resounding Yes, Then I Advise You To Read This Letter To The End As The Powerful Solution To Arthritis Pains Will Be Revealed To You.

Before I reveal this amazing, but newly discovered solution to you, let me briefly share with you my struggles with arthritis and how I overcame it.

My name is Mr.Johnson Aremu and at the tender age of 27 I started feeling pain around the joints in my wrists. Anytime I tried to use my wrists or turn it, I felt a very sharp, shocking pain. 


Within a week, this pain had spread from my wrists up to my shoulders and down to every joint in my body.

The pains were severe that within one month , I could no longer walk or stand like normal again. I was bedridden at the age of 27.

The pains were so severe that in order to walk or stand, I had to take 700mg of Tremadol and steroid injections and I had to take this every day, coping with the devastating side effects.

My Life Was On A Downward Spiral And I Felt Like I Was Under A Spiritual Attack

Due to the excruciating pain, I had to quit going to school because I could not concentrate and would end up crying in front of my mates due to the pain.

My joints were stiff and it felt like someone was constantly hitting my joints with a hammer. Due to the pain I was limping and I had to be placed on crutches.

Walking became a nightmare, I couldn’t walk for 2 minutes without stopping and holding my knees due to excruciating pain.

I had to thick “Disabled” anytime I was filling one form or the other because there was no difference between me and a disabled beggar…..Even though I was just 27 years old.

For the next 5 years of my life since I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my life became a living hell.

I spent every night crying and asking God why he allowed these excruciating pains to be my portion. Life for me at that tender age was a nightmare.

Out of desperation for a solution, my parents traveled far and wide, visiting doctors who carried out several tests on me.

In our quest for a solution, my parents stumbled on the herbalist who showed us a herbal remedy that changed my life for the better.

This solution offered redemption to me and I thank God for the Chinese Herbalist.


Before using this ultimate solution I am about to reveal, I hated my body due to the crazy pains, swellings and disfigurement that I was experiencing but today, I have the joints of a baby. I’m flexible and I no longer experience pain.

Due to my experience, I vowed that If I could ever find a lasting solution to Arthritis, I would become a doctor, dedicating my life to showing others the way out of the predicament.

God heard the cry of my heart and he used this herbal formula to answer my prayer.

Before I reveal this solution to you, let me educate you about Arthritis.

Arthritis is simply pains caused by inflammation in the joints. It usually affects elderly people from age 65 and above but is no despiser for children, teenagers, and middle aged adults.

In other words, it can happen to anybody.


The symptoms such as pains, soreness, stiffness and warmness around joint areas can slowly manifest or happen suddenly. If it happens suddenly, it quickly makes the victim bedridden and the pains are usually severe.

Now, What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis could be hereditary, which means if your parents or grandparents suffered from Arthritis, there is a high risk of you developing the same. 


It can also be as a result of an infection, stress or injury around the joints. If you are the type of person that is usually prone to carrying heavy things, an awkward bend or posture can lead to an injury in the joints which eventually leads to arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is caused by thinning of the cartilage which serves as cushion for the joints. 

Let me explain it in a way that you will understand…

The joints in the body are designed with cartilages which serve as cushions to the joints. They absorb the tension and stress that occurs anytime we move our joints during daily motion.


Osteoarthritis occurs when these cartilages which serve “Cushions” begin to wear and tear due to constant usage. Once these cartilages lose their thickness and become thin, the bones in your joints begin to touch each other.


This makes the bones begin to “grind” against each other causing unwanted friction which results in that pain and swelling you experience in your joints.

As time goes on and this “unwanted friction” continues, your bones begin to weaken and wear off, which results in that swelling and “bonelike” out growth you  see in your joints.


Rheumatoid Arthritis on the other hand is an ‘Autoimmune Disorder”. 

It happens when your own body releases acidic chemicals that attack your body tissues, destroying the cartilages that support the joints. 

When this happens, your bones begin to touch each other in the joints and an excruciation and shocking pain is released.


These acidic chemicals even eat up your bones causing severe pain and swelling around the joints. It is also responsible for that warmness and stiffness you feel around your joints too. 

As the bone wears out, it begins to form bone like outgrowths on your joints like the picture above.


All these pain come together making your life look miserable and worthless. If you could trek long distances, the fear of pain will prevent you from even wanting to try to walk. 


The pain can render you bedridden and in worst cases deformed. Due to this you become a liability to your loved ones.

Now How Can We Treat This Arthritis Once & For All, Without The Pain Coming Back?

Doctors recommend Tremadol and even steroid injections for this ailment. These medications are good but they do not deal with the root cause of Arthritis.

These medications are only designed to get rid of the pain for the meantime. That is why you have to keep taking these medications daily in order to cope with the pain.

But There Is A Better Way……

This herbal formula I’m about to show you is the real deal when it comes to getting rid of arthritis pain and symptoms for good.

This herbal formula was recommended to my parents concerning my condition by a Chinese Herbalist named Giu Gitsu.

This herbal formula is the most guaranteed way of fighting arthritis from the roots with 60 days or less.

Let me tell you how the miracle started when I began using it.


When I started taking Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal mix I noticed that the swelling in my joints began to reduce drastically. Within one week of using it, the swelling had disappeared and my joints became normal like I never suffered from Arthritis.


I also noticed that the stiffness I felt that made me not be able to move my joints began to reduce. Within the second week of usage, I could twist and stretch my legs without any excruciating pain. 


The excruciating pain in my waist disappeared to the point that I could freely bend forward and touch my toes.


Plus the redness just disappeared, in fact it felt like a film trick seeing all the miracles that this herbal was doing in my body. 


No longer was I bedridden with twisted joints. I could not move away from my bed and walk around. I could walk far distances without the excruciating pains in my knees. People who knew me as a handicap were suddenly surprised that I was doing things like normal people.


In order to validate that this herbal really works, I gave it to 3 elderly folks that I knew suffered from severe arthritis and to my surprise, it worked tremendously well for them. 


A man who could not sleep peacefully at night due to arthritis pains suddenly called me saying that he slept like a baby b=for the first time in 5 months after taking Aquiver Pain Crusher herbal mix.


On hearing this testimony, my faith in the treatment was boosted and I had full confidence that it works and that is why I decided to recommend it to you.

You don’t need to suffer in pain!

You don’t need to allow Arthritis render you useless and bedridden!

You can live a pain free life if you take what I am about to show you very seriously.

Are you tired of Arthritis and its devastating symptoms?
Do You Want Your Pain Free And Youthful Life Back?
If Yes, Allow Me Introduce>>>

Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package For Arthritis & Joint Pains. This Is Your Most Guaranteed Way Of Getting Rid Of Arthritis Symptoms In 60 Days Or Less. This remedy is prepared from effective herbal ingredients formulated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lumber spondylosis.

What Makes This Treatment Different From All You Have Taken Before To Stop That Excruciating Pain?

While other treatments promise total cure but give your temporary pain relief or nothing at all, Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Herbal mix attacks Arthritis from the roots of your joint, healing the wear and tear that causes the excruciating pain.

When you use Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution herbal mix, I can assure you that you won’t need to spend a dime on other treatments, in fact you would use your mouth to spread the gospel of this marvelous pain crusher to every friend or family member suffering from Arthritis pain.

How Will This Treatment Help You Get Rid Of Arthritis Permanently?

According to the Formulation of Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution this herbal formula contains a potent ingredient used by Chinese elders in treating Arthritis. 


This herbal formula contains a powerful ingredient called ”Hongdouyirencha”.

  • These ingredients, when taken in liquid form, move super fast to your cartilages, strengthening them and making it thicker. Once this is done, the bones stop touching each other, resulting in that arthritis pain to be eliminated.


  • Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution contains Hongdouyirencha” contains antibodies that helps strengthen your immune system stopping the release of that chemical that eats up your bones and cartilages.

It stops the swelling and stiffness around your joints and while taking it you will gradually notice that your body is now free and you can work normally again.

  • This Miracle Pain Crushing Herbal Boost Your Immune System Fighting Arthritis Causing Infection. It also contains calcium and iron compounds for stronger bones and muscles.


  • 100% herbal, no chemical, no additives.

Taking this Aquiver Arthritis Treatment & Pain Crushing herbal for at least 60 days straight is the most guaranteed way of eliminating Arthritis symptoms for good. I took it and my life took a U-TURN for good.

You do not need to keep enduring that pain again. You don’t need to keep spending a fortune just to treat Arthritis.

Since you have been trying a whole lot of options, why not try this [particular  100% herbal tea and see the drastic change in your body at once.

To Get Faster & Permanent Results You Will Get 2 Extra Treatments That Should Be Added To Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Mix For Speedy Results.

Smiley Rheumatic & Arthritis Supporting Tea (Worth N7,000)

Smiley Rheumatic & Arthritis Supporting Tea is a 100% all-natural herbal tea.

The world is a competitive place, you are expected to be on your toes all the time, if you have problems like rheumatoid & arthritis, this might cause a lot of strain, body ache, and tension.

This product has anti-inflammatory properties, it gives relief from pains, strengthens and tones the neuromuscular system, increases blood circulation and energy levels. Daily consumption will lead to a significant and curative effect.

More Benefits:

  • Gives relief from joint pains, muscle strain, and body aches.
  • Has healing effects on the skeletal disorder.
  • Gives respite from ankylosing and cervical spondylosis.
  • Purges stiffness and enhances the mobility of limbs.
  • Treats rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and muscle sprains.

When you get 3 bottles of the full complete treatment of Aquiver Pain Crushing Herbal, you will get this tea totally free. 3 bottlles is the recommended dosage for permanent results.

LOFNAC Instant Pain Relief Gel (Worth N5,000)

If you are looking for a fast relief from pain and inflammation, look no further than Lofnac Gel. 

This topical gel is good for athletes or anyone suffering from pain and injury as it provides quick and easy relief. With its soothing formula, Lofnac gel is ideal for treating rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains, strains and bruises. So don’t suffer any longer, get your hands on LOFNAC gel today.

It is formulated for rubbing into skin and reducing inflammation and swelling in painful conditions affecting the joints and muscles.

Lofnac gel is used to relieve this pain and inflammation in the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. 

The gel permeates deep into the skin, improving diclofenac delivery to the pain spot. It relieves sprains and strains, sports injuries (e.g. tennis elbow), and soft tissue rheumatism as well as pain and inflammation in the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

80% Of People Who Used The Full Complete Treatment Of Aquiver Pain Crusher & The Added Treatments Called Us Back To Testify That The Arthritis Pains They Have Been Enduring Has Dissapeared.

See Amazing Testimonials From People Who Have Used This Aquiver Pain Crusher” That Will Permanently Treat Arthritis Once & For All In 2023

I Can Exercise Well In The Gym Because Arthritis Pain Is Gone

Mr. Alex Johnson

Reviewed in the Nigeria on May 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

When I turned 50 I started experiencing pain in my left knee, and this pain will come and go. Within one month the pain became so severe that whenever I was walking on the road I would pause within just 5 minutes to rest my legs due to the pain I was enduring. The pain was so bad that I had to limp when running, I even became afraid of crossing the express due to fear of the pain hooking my legs.

This was my situation until a friend introduced me to this Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution, advising me to take is as my new water. I took it once in the morning and once in the night and within one month that pain subsided and never came back again. Now I have even enrolled in the gym and I can exercise well

I No Longer Need A Wheelchair

Mrs. Vera Tochukwu

Reviewed in Nigeria on February 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

When Osteoarthritis held my waist to ransom, life became a living hell. The pain was so bad that I could not walk. My children had to get a wheelchair for me so I could be able to move the seat properly and perhaps move about. My last daughter who used to take care of me came home one day with a Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package telling me that from today, I will be drinking it for my arthritis. 

At first I doubted that this herb would help me get rid of arthritis because I had used a lot but nothing happened. My stubborn daughter out of love and concern persuaded me to take it even though I was adamant but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. 

Within 2 months of taking this Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package, my life has changed. The herb  is so powerful that now I no longer need a wheelchair again. Thanks to the “Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package”.

This Is Miracle In A Bottle

Augustine Nwabueze-Abia State, Nigeria.

Reviewed in the Nigeria on May 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

I have had aches and pains over the years, and have tried many glucosamine & chondroitin supplements with no success. The pain and inflammation I have endured was getting unbearable and I had to do something. When I would sleep at night, my arms would go numb and my hands would swell up. I thought it was due to carpal tunnel and treated it as such. Chiropractors, physical therapy, laser therapy, you name it nothing worked. I even stopped doing weight bearing exercises, thinking it was aggravating it, all to no avail. When I woke up, my knees and hips would feel stiff until I started moving.

I even got rid of my 2 year old Casper mattress thinking that this may be the culprit and spent another $4,000 on a new mattress. Nope. Muscle pain, joint pain and numbness in my arms was not improved. I was in tears thinking, I will feel this way for the rest of my life. It took the fun out of every day living because I was always in pain in my arms, and my joints in my knees hurt when I exercised.

I have no idea how Aquiver Pain Crusher made it across my page on facebook, but I saw how many positive reviews it got. I mean, 30,000 plus positive reviews and thought what have I got to lose, right?

I don’t know if I got lucky but I felt a difference the FIRST DAY! I’ve taken holistic supplements over the years and I know they take time to work, but this stuff was the miracle in a bottle I was looking for! No more waking up at 3 am from the pain in my arms and swelling in my hands! HOW COULD THIS BE????

I am so grateful and thankful that I FINALLY solved the mystery to my joint aches and pains. If anyone is on the fence as to whether this works or not, think no more! You have nothing to lose if you give it a try!

Don't Waste Your Time With Anything Else

Mrs. Kamsi

Reviewed in Nigeria on February 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

After years of Costochondritus pain and inflammation, I tried everything. Hot and cold packs, patches, Advil, Tylenol, Biofreeze, After emergency room visits thinking I was having a heart attack there had to be something to help, so I googled and did my research and this miracle Aquiver Pain Crusher got so many rave reviews. It was a little pricey compared to others but works much better. I tried other competitors and the flares acted up again so once I found this one, I’m looking no further. It has worked wonders for me!

The one effective Aquiver supplement I've found for myself during the last decade

Mr. Emeka

Verified Purchase

I had a sports related knee/meniscus injury a little over a decade ago around 40, and my orthopedic surgeon mentioned I had some arthritis in both knees that would come to light. He was right, and I’ve spent the last decade trying to find the middle ground of working out, not making the situation worse, and pain management.

Working out has been a must as I’ve found exercises such as back squats with a moderate weight has been instrumental in keeping my range of motion good and also minimizing the knee pain as counterintuitive as that would sound. In addition, I’ve tried many supplements including several brands of Glucosamine / Chondroitin and large doses of Turmeric. I have been met with varying degrees of short-term success and for me at least I’d almost written off this type of supplement as something that simply doesn’t work for me.

I purchased many other herbal Health supplements that have seemed of good quality and benefit, so I took a chance on their Aquiver supplement as I started a new job recently which has complicated my workout schedule for the short term. With that complication, I also began getting knee pain and loss of range of motion/stiffness slightly worse than I had experienced before.

I began taking the recommended dosage and was shocked within the first week at how much better my knees were feeling compared to the previous week when they were aching to the point of being distracting during the workday. I chalked it up to just cyclical pain, but I’m here on my second month enjoying what feels like a decade of wear and tear taken off my knees.

Whatever formulation Aquiver is using, it works so well for me that I’ll put this on auto-ship – which I rarely do with anything but the most “cannot do without” products.

Helped Heal My Injured Ankle


Verified Purchase

So I never leave product reviews but I had to for this. I injured my ankle badly back in October while farming. I was walking across a little wooden plank bridge and my right foot landed just wrong smack in the middle of an uneven plank that was jutted out above the others by about 5-6 inches. My ankle instantly rolled and I fell down HARD. I iced it and stayed off it, figured I had just rolled it and would heal up quickly but after several weeks the pain and tenderness was still there and I was really missing my long walks and being able to work out. I was really worried this would be a long term injury…So I did some research and found this product online. Have been taking it every day for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and just this morning it dawned on me I no longer have that lingering pain or clicking sound in my ankle. Anyway I am overjoyed and would highly recommend this product!

One of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning, when I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my early twenties, was not realizing just how much this disease was going to change everything in my life.


I ignored it and downplayed the severity of this sickness till I turned 54. The pain became severe and I couldn’t walk like before, couldn’t use my hand like before. Pains and swelling were the order of the day all over my joints. My life became like a sad tale of “before and after”.


When I thought about the days I used to dance freely without pain, I burst out in tears.


But today, the story has changed. I do squats at the gym and my knees are strong, no cracking, no stiffness. I can climb the stairs easily without the support of anybody.


If you have Arthritis pain, no need to be stressing yourself. Just get this solution and thank me later

How Can I Get Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package

Normally this product cannot be found in Nigerian stores, it is only available in Asian countries and some parts of the U.S.A. The last time I tried to order at retail price, I spent  N110,,000 to get one then N5,000 for shipping it from the USA  into the country. Even though it was as expensive as this, I still had to wait for like 1 week to make sure it landed in Nigeria and I also had to go to my agents to pick it up.

In total we spent N150,000 to get it in.

The follow up and all was stressful but we have found a way to make it more easier for you. We have successfully negotiated with the manufacturers to bring it in wholesale prices so we can make it available to you.

You won’t have to go through the hassles of bringing it in again.

One bottle of the “Aquiver Pain Crusher Herbal Solution Complete Special Package” goes for just N19,500 which is for 1 month treatment.

1 Bottle Of Aquiver Pain Crusher Goes For N19,500 Instead Of N50,000

Now I Recommend That You Use This Product For At Least 90 Days So That Your Arthritis Could Be Dealt With Once And For All. It’s Advisable That You Go For The 3 bottles Treatment For Best Results.

These products will be shipped to you FREE OF CHARGE anywhere you are in Nigeria, plus we offer pay on delivery to prevent the fear of scam. That means you won’t pay a dime till you see your products with your eyes.

Like I said before, Dr.Johnson Aremu offers you 100% guarantee that after using this herbal tea, all the signs and symptoms of Arthritis will be eliminated. But if due to some reasons you do not see results after taking this tea within 60 days or less.

I offer you 100% Money back guarantee, no super story, no arguments. All you need to do is call the number I will give you requesting for a refund. We won’t even request for our product back. That is how confident we are.

NOTE: This offer is only available to 60 serious people who want to get rid of their Arthritis pain once and for all and live a normal life like they used too. Once we have successfully collected 60 orders we will run out of stock. The next batch will be N20,000 for 1 pack and you might even have to pay for your shipping.

This is due to the fact that the dollar keeps on rising, which also leads to the rising cost of bringing in the products. Therefore why not be a sharp fellow by taking advantage of this offer now.

If you are ready to live a pain free life, pick up your phone to place your order by filling the form below

Once we receive your message you will receive a call from my team to confirm your order.

Once it’s confirmed you will receive your products within 2-5 working days.

But Let Me Warn You About The Dangers Of Ignoring The Product……

If You Currently Suffer Arthritis And You Are Planning On Calling This Offer BS Then You Put Yourself At Risk Of Becoming Crippled Due To Arthritis.

Arthritis has a window period of treatment and you just might be at the verge of losing that grace of treating it at the early stages, don’t be caught unawares.

You Put Yourself At Risk Of Enduring Excruciating Pains All Of Your Life That You Would Have Destroyed Once And For All With These Products.

My Grandma Who Suffered From This Same Arthritis Became Severely Deformed And Was Abandoned In The Village To Die After All Hope Had Been Lost……Do You Want This To Be Your Portion?

I Won’t Even Pray For That To Happen To My Enemy Talk Less Of You.

You Risk Being Cripple Which Will Lead To You Becoming A Liability To Everyone Around You. Instead Of People Living Their Lives And Flourishing They Might Start Carrying You From One Place To Another.

All These Are The Things That Can Happen If Only You Ignore This “Miracle Pain Crushing Tea”. Why Not Take Advantage Of This Herbal Formula And Say Bye Bye To Arthritis Forever.

The Ball Is In Your Court.

To Get Your Own Treatment Simply Choose Your Treatment Package Below & Fill The Form To Place Your Order.

Partial Treatment (30 days use)

1 Bottle Of Aquiver Pain Crusher

promo price:


Normal PRICE = N50,000

30 days money back guarantee

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partial treatment (60 day use)

1 Bottle of aquiver and 1 bottle of arthritis treament tea

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Normal PRICE = N75,000

30 days money back guarantee

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complete treatment (90 days use)

3 bottles of aquiver, 1 athritis treatment tea, 1 lofnac

(most ordered Over 2000 Orders)

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Normal PRICE = N100,00

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